i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


8. Niall

i was woken up by a voice over the intercom saying

"we have arrived in Mullingar, Ireland and its a very rainy day! I hope you brought your rain gear, thank you for choosing Frontier Airlines for you traveling choice. I could not breath! i was finally hear.

I jumped up and squeezed between the seats in front of me and the awkward man that had been sitting next to me  giving him a nice view of my bum. i did not care! i just wanted off of the plain.

i walked very fast down the plain and was the first one off.

I walked into the crouded airport my legs still adjusting after the long flight.

strong arms encircled my waist lifting me in to the air!


I squealed!


which was Niall's nickname for me"

"i missed you some much"

i said still hugging him

we separated and I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, they were my favorite part about him besides his personality, they looked like a wolfs eyes they we amazing and kind.

"i missed you more"

he said giving me a kiss on the cheek

"lets go get your bags!"

i nodded and began to walk towards baggage claim, Niall grabbed my hand and our fingers interlaced and i got butterflies.  this had been happening since i was 15 and i was used to it but i new nothing like that would ever happen he only thought of me like a sister and i new that.

"where are the rest of the boys?"

 i asked my hand still in Niall's

"oh they are my house. my mum wanted then their help to make dinner. Perrie and Eleanor are coming over to so you will have to chose weather you want to sleeping in my room or share with Harry and Liam.


it was the obvious choice, Niall and i had shared a bedroom ever since we had shared that first night at the hotel, he always chose me over any of the boys, he said it was because i was neat but i think it was because we just worked so well together and all the other boys had already paired off.

Niall grabbed my bag from the baggage claim never letting go of my hand and we started to walk into the parking lot. it was raining really hard out, tipicle Ireland weather.

we got into Niall's sports car and he pulled it out of the parking lot.

we talked about everything, from his carear and college. and then the topic of conversation turned to his last girlfriend Demi Lavato.

"whatever happened with that?"

i asked being nosey 

"well she said she needed time to work on herself and not have to worry about a relationship. i guess i understand."

"im sorry"

i really was not

"I am kind of happy i don't think I really like her that much, and i am looking for something serious,  I am starting to think about settling down and starting a family like Louis. but she didn't want that and I know my princess is still out there."

i nodded understanding

i wonder why he forgot my birthday? that was not like him


i was so happy that Birdie was back, and she was 20 and the promise i made myself when she was 15 that i would let my self feel again when she was 20 would be harder then i thought it would, i had tried to repress it for 5 years and if i did not do this right i could ruin a perfect friendship  and i really did not want that to happen. i had tried to date other people but it never worked out, i would always think of Birdie when i was kissing one of the other girls i tried to date.

"....and i know my princess i still out there."

i said finishing explaining why Demi and i broke up.

i smiled to myself. my princess was right next to me and she did not even now it.





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