i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


4. Home..?

                             The five boys took me down town after they talked to Simon and Dr. Hutchinson about where is would stay until they had chosen a place for me, they decided that i should live with something that is familiar and stay with they boys until the police found my parents or a foster home for me.

since the boys were on tour they did not have a house and were living in a hotel down town, the hotel had no more rooms open and Louis was sharing with Harry and Liam was sharing with Zayn so that left Niall with the only room with two beds. I was not sad but it was strange sleeping in the same room as a very attractive irish man, ok yes i was happy.

when all of the boys left for bed i was left alone in the room with Niall, i was still standing in my wet jeans and tank top and i was freezing my ass off!!!

Niall noticed

"you look cold, do you want one of my shirts and some sweat pants?"

"sure" i said standing awkwardly in the middle of the room with Niall standing near the door.

he went over to one of the overflowing suit cases in the corner of the room and polled out a blue t-shirt with a smurf on it with the word epic fail written in big black letters across the chest and a pair of black sweat pants that were way to big on me.

he handed then to me and i walked over to the bathroom and looked at myself. I was kind of short and i had pretty long brownish blond hair my eyes were green and i had dimples.

i had pretty big boobs for a 15year old but i was not super skinny, i was curvy.

i stripped off the wet clothes and my skin felt sticky and cold  so i decided that i wanted to take a warm shower. as i stepped into the steaming shower i felt very warm and happy.

i stepped out of the shower and instently felt cold again, i slipped on Niall's sweat pants and T-shirt and did not bother with my hair, walked back into the room and saw Niall sitting shirtless on his bed with his guitar singing softly. he looked up.



no way was this happening, it could not be happening, it was not supposed to be happening!!! why was i falling for a 15 year old with amnisia? i was 19!  at this age that was not socially acceptable let alone media acceptable.

but she looked so beautiful standing in my clothes in the bathroom doorway with her hair in a wet mass on her back. her breasts made small bumps under my shirt. i will wait. i promise i will wait for you.  on your 20th birthday i will  let myself feel again.


i woke up in the hotel bed with Niall's soft breathing in the other bed he was still asleep. i pulled my hair into a bun a messy bun on the top if my head and walked into the bathroom to make myself presentable. my eyes looked really green as i looked into the mirror. i walked back into the room where Niall was sleeping and picked up my jeans from the floor and tugged off the sweats and pulled on my jeans, i tucked in the smurf shirt and put on a black belt with a somewhat big buckle. i pulled on the black low top converse shoes that i was wearing last night in the alley.  and walked into the hallway and ran right into a naked Harry.


my screech woke up Niall who came running out of out hotel room yelling

"whaaa,... i will save you!"

when he finally realized that i was standing in the hallway with a very naked Harry right in front of me he ran back into the hotel room and got a blanket as i stood covering my eyes and having a very intense urge to look. Niall looked at Harry with a very mad look on his face, it was probably just my imagination but i thought it might have been jealousy.

"DUDE! what the hell do you think your doing?"

"sorry man i was just going to get Zayn and Liam up, i want breakfast, i was not going to go in to your room i new she was in there! i would have told Liam or Zayn to go and wake you guys up! promise."

"whatever" Niall said as he turned around and walked back into the room, shirtless i might add.

"sorry" Harry said with a cheeky smile 

"yeah me too! i think i might be scarred for life!" i joke 

Harry laughed 

"your funny you no that!" 

"actually no i don't no that"

sadness had found its way back into my life

"oh yeah i forgot "

Harry said awkwardly.

"it's ok, i did too."

"i'm going to go get dresses but i will send louis down to wait at the breakfast place with you and the rest of us will be down in 10mins. maybe longer for Zayn, his hair takes a wile."

i smiled

"ok tell Louis i will be waiting in the hallway"

Harry nodded and turned around walking back into his room.







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