i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


11. Good Morning Beautiful

the sun slowly made its way into my perfect dream until it was to bright to ignore. i groned and pressed my face into what i though was a pillow. Tell me if i am wrong but pillows don't have muscles, they also don't smell like a certain Niall Horan. with my mind fully awake i could process the position that i was in. i was curled up against Niall's chest with one leg swung over his waist and his arm encircling my shoulders, and i was so comfortable i couldnt believe it.

my eyes traveled up his chest until the reached his face, hoping for dear life that Niall was still asleep, so that i could slip out of bed without him seeing how intimately we had slept.of course he was staring at me full in the face with a loving smile that he whipped off his face as soon as he saw me looking at him. 

"Morning beautiful."

my face became bright red as i pressed  it into his chest hoping that he hand't seen my humiliation. 

neither of us made any more to change positions or to get out of bed. his blue eyes had me mesmerized as i stared into their deep depths. why did he always seem to be able to look right down into the very core of what i was and know who i was. 

shit! no Robyn do not go there! he is five years older then you and its never going to happen! you know that. But for the first time there seemed to be a chance that it could happen.

my inner struggle was interrupted by Louis, Zayn, Harry and, Liam running into Niall's room.

we both fell of the bed with fright and hit the cold floor. Niall cursing and me screaming. i don't think any of the boys saw the way that Niall and i were cuddled up to each other exept for Louis who was the first one through the door. Louis gave me a knowing smile and procided to walk over to me drag me off the floor pick me up and walk out of the door. halfway down the hallway Harry decided that it was his turn to carry me and grabbed me from Louis shoulder and walked to the end of the hall before Liam came to take his turn. Zayn moved to come get me from Liam but he saw the look in my eyes and instead of finished the prossetion he set me on my feet and we walked to the breakfast table with linked arms.

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