i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


6. Family

After breakfast the boys decided that they needed to talk to Simon so that maybe he would not be really pissed about them ditching out of going to the studio last night. 

"ok so don't be to scared he is very umm..intense."

said Louis with his arm around my shoulders as we sat in the limo on the way to the studio.

"thats a good word for it"

said Zayn

"but he is our uncle Simon"

said Liam

"and he will love you!"

Niall said comfortingly, he could always make me feel better

we pulled up in front of a big stone building with big glass windows and a sign reading Cowel studios.

"ok here goes"

i said taking a deep breath as i stepped out of the limo and made my way into the studio, the big doors slid open before i could do anything, i stopped. this is way to creepy. then i turned to tell the boys that i did not want t go into the studio and saw Harry pushing the handicap button. i am so overreacting.

i walked through the door and was meet by a very short man in his 50's, he wore a wight t-shirt and dark jeans his hair was brown with white speckles.

"so your the girl that has my boys skipping valuable studio time."

was he kidding or not?

"yeah i guess thats me..."

i said nervously 

"well it was not your fault, and their here now so lets go."

we walked into the studio and the boys went into a small room that had microphones in it. Simon sat behind a desk with a bunch of buttons on it, i sat on a small couch that sat in the corner.

"ok boys! will you sing Little thing?"

Niall went to get a guitar that sat in the corner of the small room. he sat and began to play.

it was beautiful seeing how happy i made him playing that instrument. then Zayn started to sing.

"your hand fits i mine like its made for me, but bear this in mind it was meant to be."

the harmonies started and it all worked so well together, then before i new it the last notes of the song filled the room ringing out clearly. Simon smiled and stood, 

"good job boys! take 5"

the boys came out of the small room and came to sit next to me.

"you guy are really good!"

 i said


they all sad i unison

Liam's phone rang and he stood and walked out of the studio

"probly Daniell"

said Zayn

"they are trying to work things out. with the time differences and the hate that daniell gets everyday, its hard"

Harrry said.

"i would no Eleanor and i have worked through it but we are really happy now."

i was confused and asked 

"who is Elenor and Daniell?"

"Eleanor is Louis girlfriend and Daniell is Liam's sometimes girlfriend."

Niall explained

then Liam came back, he had a sad look on his face and came and sat next to  me on the couch, he turned and looked at me his eyes looked so sorry and sad.

"that was the missing persons department, they found your family."

oh my god! i was about to find out about my family!

"where are they?" 

i asked excitedly 

"they died in a car crash last night,  you wandered off with really head trauma, you were the only survivor."

my mind was blank

"im so sorry"

said zayn putting his hand on my shoulder 

Niall did not say anything he just put his arm around my shoulders and i leaned in to his strong chest and he ran his hand over my back.


i would always be there to pertect my princess.






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