i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


5. Breakfast with the boys

i was only standing in the hallway for a couple seconds after Harry went to get dressed before Louis came out of his and Harrys hotel room, he was wearing something that would make you think that he was about to go sailing. he was wearing red skinny jeans and a black and white stripped t-shirt. Louis came up to me and gave me a hug, it was comforting like a big brother. it made me think about my lost family, i wonder if i did have a big brother or maybe a little sister. Louis stepped away and looked at me with his hands on my shoulders.

"you want to go get some breakfast"

he asked


i answered 

we walked into the the lower floor of the hotel and was greeted by about 20cameras with flashes up and ready to try and invade my already lost life.

"run for your life!!!!"

Louis yelled grabbing my hand and running out into the street

"whaa..?i whats going on ?"

i screeched as we rounded the corner about a block from the breakfast place Louis slowed down after we new we had lost them and started to walk

"you do remember the fact that the boys and i are famous, right"

Louis asked?

"well i guess but i don't know much about you guys."

i answered

"ok then here is our history, we all auditioned for the x-factor which is a TV show that is for people who want to become musicians or singers or both. but anyway the boys and i all auditioned sepretly and all were about to be sent home after bootcamp which is the second stage of the x-factor, but we were put together as a group and made it to the semi finals but we were eliminated and were in 3rd place. But Simon Cowel who was our mentor on the x-factor sighned us and now we are here."

"thanks for the history lesson! i understand now."

i said with a smile

"good that was the point."

we were now inside the restaurant and a waiter came to take us to a booth.

"oh my god! your Louis Tomlinson, from one direction!!!"

"yeah thats me!"

Louis said with a smile 

"ok well i promise i wont fangirl infront of you and your sister."

she said with a smile

"oh, Louis not my brother."

i said smiling, i guess maybe he could be my honorary brother until i figure out where my family is.

"oh i sorry! well do you want anything to drink.?"

"im fine with just water."

i said

"i want orange juice"

Louis said with a childish grin 

the waitress blushed a rosy red 

"i will be right back with those"

she said and walked away

"well...i think we need to find you a name!"

Louis said with a smile

"like whoa.."

i was interrupted by the rest of the boys who came running into the small restaurant, everyone in the restaurant stopped and stared at them but none of them seemed to now who they were which was kind of a relief.

all the boys tried to squeeze into the small booth, Niall sat next to me  and Harry sat on the other side, the boys thighs touched mine but i was very aware of Niall's leg it sent chills up my spin and an overwhelming sensation of happiness filled me. 

"ok boys" 

said Louis

"we were just talking about a name for our little lost girl. any suggestions"

"umm...how about kim?"

asked Zayn

"no way!! i have an aunt named Kim."

said Liam

"ok then not Kim. Jeniffer?"

"nope i had an ex named Jeniffer"

said Harry

Niall rolled his eyes

"you have dated so many girls it would be almost impossible not to name her something that was not the name of  some girl you either slept with or dated for about two weeks"

"that was uncalled for."

Zayn said disapprovingly 


Niall said looking down

"ok them. lets chose a name."


Louis said.

"i love it"

I said with a smile.

"me too" Niall said looking at me with gentile eyes.






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