i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


10. Bedtime

after the party was finished and everyone had gone to sleep Niall and i were the only one's that were still talking on the couch 

i began to drift off and Niall noticed, he stood and picked me up as i protested.

"Niall would you please put me down? i don't like getting picked up"

Niall gave me a cheeky smile

"but i like picking you up"

i rolled my eyes as my stomach turned

we walked down the hallway and into Niall's old bedroom. Niall dropped me onto his twin sized bed and began to set blankets on the ground.

"ummm what do you think you're doing?"

"im sleeping on the ground."

he said as he looked up

"no your not!! i will!"



"you are so damn stubborn! we will both sleep on the bed it wont be awkward we are just really good friends."

i said while i though about how humiliating it would be if i died during the night.

Niall went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of sweats and he came out without a shirt on, talk about having trouble breathing!

i was lazy and stole a big shirt that was  Niall's the same old ratty skirt that i had worn the first night that i was found by the boys. i was surprised that Niall had kept the old thing for so long!

we both got into bed making sure not to touch as we lay stiffly in the very small bed. after a while we both relaxed, and sleep slowly took its hold, i drifted off to sleep lulled by the sound of Niall's soft breathing.


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