Rising Against the Past

An abusive in and out of jail dad, a straight-A daughter who's scared to fly, a depressed and abandoning mom, and young boy trying to love.


2. New place, New girl.

Needing to breathe she opened her eyes and looked up at the sky. The sky always calmed her so why it wasn't working now she didn't know.

Nature always calms me and music too so maybe I should...

"Jessie!" Nate interrupted her thoughts and brought her back to reality.

"Huh? What? Sorry. I'm sure it was interesting I'm just not here today Nate."

"Yeah... I can see that. You ok?"

"I'm... fine... don't worry about me."

"Are you sure. Like your positive?"

I am certainly not positive!

Jessie inwardly rolled her eyes she had yet met anyone who could actually see through her lies and sheild that held her together, so instead she said, "Really, I'm perfectly fine. You worry too much. Nice to know though.  I'm still getting to know you."

"Well I know your still new and all but that's not an excuse to lie to the only person who talks to you. I mean I'm just saying."

Jessie hoisted herself from her back onto her elbows mouth hanging open from shock. It took her a few seconds to find her voice and even then it was shaking and her mind could not form the words she was looking for.  "But but but..."

"Hey. Hey. Calm down. You never mention your life from before you moved here and I still don't even know your favorite color. I've known you for what? A week? And still, I don't anything about you.

"No one knows about me. But that doesn't explain how you knew I was lying."

"No it doesn't does it? Well I guess it was the way you said it.  You said it as if you were the smartest person in the world and as if I knew nothing. You're not a cocky person, Jessie."

"You're right I'm not and I don't want to be either." She sighed she couldn't talk herself out of this one. Nate though merely someone she meet a few days ago, he knew her better than her own mother, but that wasn't saying much.  She had always been able to come up with something on the spot for questions like these why she couldn't now was both confusing and frustrating Jessie.  Nate, who had been attentively watching her, saw she did not know a good place to start.

He decided to start for her, "What's your favorite color?"


Nate smiled "And why of any colors, silver?"

"Silver equals strong." Jessie shrugged hoping the conversation would end there.

"Fair enough. Okay how about favorite animal?"

"Seeing as to your probably not going to get me off the hook I guess I will answer that. White tiger, and as to why once again they're different yet strong."

"Ok. This next one I'm not making you answer but why the long sleves? It's over a hundred degrees out yet you are in long sleves like it's below zero."  Nate had his supisions about Jessie covering her arms all the time and he wanted her to know that.  He also wanted to know the reason behind it.  

Why would such a beautiful, stunning, and gorgoeus girl want to hurt herself?  

From getting to know the quiet and well reserved Jessie Nate found himself wanting to get to know her better, on a far deeper level.  

This is crazy. I can't let the new girl close to me... She will just hurt me like SHE did. I don't know a thing about her yet all I want to do is talk her into trusting me...

Jessie who was always one to never talk about herself, simply shrugged and said, "I can't contain body heat well. I've always been that way."  Though in reality, the long sleves covered scarres, but not the ones that people would think of, no these were inflicted by another person.

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