Trust no one -Harry styles fanfiction

In the story 18 year old Ashley has a big crush on Harry styles
But her dad(a music producer) has to get one direction
As his clients!


3. What is going to happen!?!

Late at night I realized, where's Paisley! Oh my god they forgot about her! My dad must have told her already maybe? I don't know so I grabbed my iPhone an quickly texted her.
Convo: Paise did dad tell u? Oh yea and where the hell are u?!?
Paisley: at my boyfriends calm down! And what do you mean by'did he tell you?'
Me: call dad just to make sure, I don't wanna spoil it :p
Paisley: okay?
Paisley P.O.V. What was ash talking about? Ugh gotta call dad then I guess
Phone convo: dad: oh good paisley I need you to come home right now! Please Me: why!? Dad:I need to tell you something! Me: finee! -end of call- as soon as the call ended I told James (my bf) that I had to go home, I quickly packed up and drove back home. When I got there ash ran out and gave me a huge hug, Emma just stood there with a solid facial expression. Me and Emma never got along , at all.
Ashley's pov: as soon as she came in and after I saw her and greeted her with a big hug she went to the kitchen where our parents were and shortly after they told her she nearly died! She screamed! As expected me and Emma counted to three, right on Que.

The next morning we all got ready in our mansion, we obvi didn't wanna be late! Today we were going to meet one direction! I wore light ripped skinny jeans, a Minnie and Mickey three finger crop top, and my black short uggs, I braided my hair to the side with my blond tips at the end, paisley wore her black hightop shorts, white tights , a t-shirt that said dope, Nike white cheetah print high tops, and she straightened her newly dyed red hair. For Emma she wore black skinny jeans,a Hollister tank top and a jean vest over her white top,she wore her white uggs for shoes. On our way we got breakfast and we drove to my dads recording booth!
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