Trust no one -Harry styles fanfiction

In the story 18 year old Ashley has a big crush on Harry styles
But her dad(a music producer) has to get one direction
As his clients!


2. A day with Emma

" Hey ash! Are u ready to go to the mall yet" " Em u need to be patient!
I take a looonnngggg time to get ready!"
Shortly after my dad called me and Em(Emma) down
"Girls please don't freak out but..." " but!" Emma snapped
" I just got new clients" "and your telling us this because...?" I asked impatient with my father
"If you girls would let me finish maybe I'd say it! My new clients are One Direction!"
Emma's mouth dropped shortly after,my mom then walked in."Emma, close your mouth! Your gonna swallow a bug like last time!" I chuckled but was stopped by a watt to the head from Emma. "Emma! No hitting!" " Oh my god! I'm freaking 18 you guys boss me around like I'm an eight year old!" Emma shouted with her usual short temper. " That's probably because you got lost in the mall like eight freaking times!" I copied her tone when she said freaking."Ashley shut up! At least now I don't get lost anymore!" "Sure Emma sure." And with that I walked up to my room.
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