Diary of a Directioner

Keira is your normal girl. She goes to school, has friends and goes out on the weekends. But that all changed when a band called One Direction came along. She started getting severely bullied for what she liked, she lost her friends and her confidence in herself. Will she ever get her old life back or will she just fade into the shadows?


2. Morning...

   I wake up and to no ones surprise my sheets are stained with blood. No, I don't have my period it's from the cuts on my wrists.  I walk into my little brother's room and he's still sound asleep. I tip toe into the bathroom and lock the door. I open the cabinet above the sink and pull out a shiny metal blade. It always fascinates me how the light reflects off the surface of the blade. I carefully place the blade on a clear bit of skin and press down letting beads of blood trickle down my wrist. I am now slowly dragging the blade repeatedly over my wrists, legs and stomach. Once I am completely satisfied I wet a cloth and gently dab the it over the cuts. I then walk back into my room and get dressed.

   When I get downstairs I see my mother sprawled across the couch. I sigh as I clean up the empty bottles of alcohol, why can't my mum be like other mothers? I walk into the kitchen and pour myself and Chase (my brother) a bowl of cereal. I walk back upstairs and wake Chase "Chase time to get up" He mumbles something "Come on before mummy wakes up." His eyes abruptly open and he smiles when he sees me. I help get him dress and we walk into the kitchen. After we finish breakfast I grab my keys, books and help Chase put his backpack on. When we are about to go out the door my mum starts to wake up "Keira, I'm scared.." Chase whispers. "It's ok I'll protect you." I whisper back embracing him in a hug.

   We finally reach Chase's kindy we say our goodbyes and he runs off to his friends. I continue on my way to my school dreading every step. I place my earphones in and start blasting One Direction's new album. I am nearing my school and I start getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I don't know if I can do this...


A/N: Hey guys! Do you like it so far? Anyway I'm going to update depending on what you guys say so if you want more then tell me through a comment.

~Emily :D

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