Diary of a Directioner

Keira is your normal girl. She goes to school, has friends and goes out on the weekends. But that all changed when a band called One Direction came along. She started getting severely bullied for what she liked, she lost her friends and her confidence in herself. Will she ever get her old life back or will she just fade into the shadows?


1. Introductions

   Hi my name is Keira Westbrook! I have long brown hair and hazel eyes with flecks of gold in them. I am a very enerjetic person with a bubbly and loveable personality! I love One Direction and Mcfly! I have heaps of friends and everyone at school knows me!

   Well this all changed just because of my likes in music. I am constantly being bullied because of being a directioner. I started to stop doing the things I love, I started pushing people away before they could have a chance to do the same to me and slowly started to fade away becoming one of those nobodies that people don't recognise. I just don't get why my prefrence in music effects everyone else! It's just so unfair!

   I just hope that one day my life will go back to normal, but deep down in my heart I know that it never will...


A/N: Hey! I'm just telling you that the chapters will get longer, this is just an intro.

~Emily :D


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