Diary of a Directioner

Keira is your normal girl. She goes to school, has friends and goes out on the weekends. But that all changed when a band called One Direction came along. She started getting severely bullied for what she liked, she lost her friends and her confidence in herself. Will she ever get her old life back or will she just fade into the shadows?


3. Hell *Aka: School*

   As I take my first few steps into the school my stomach is turning and I feel as if I can't do this. "THERE SHE IS!" I hear HIS voice yell, sending shivers across my body. Not the good kind of shivers but the 'can someone get me out of here?' type. 5 large male body's block my way. I frantically spin around trying to find an exit. The group parts and I make a run for it, only to crash into a body and fall to the ground. I scramble trying to get to my feet "Where do you think you're going?" A voice says, while someone pushed me back down against the concrete.

   It's the same everyday, so why do I always try to avoid it and think 'maybe they will have a change of heart and let me off this one time..'

   I squint my eyes closed, bracing myself for the worst. After several punches and kicks the homeroom bell goes 'THANK GOD!' I think as I receive a final punch to the face. I rush to the bathroom and quickly apply some foundation to the visible bruises, the run to homeroom. "Late again Miss Westbrook.." Mr Phillips says, barely glancing up form the bulletin. I mumble a 'sorry' as I take my seat. "Oh my GOD! She's such a slut!" I hear Tiffany whisper loudly from behind me. "Does she even know how to put foundation on?"  She continues, sending her 'friends' into hysterics. I just shrug it off because I know the real side of Tiffany. I know things that can ruin her! 

   The rest of the day went by so fast I was almost relived. Almost. 

   As I am walking towards Chase's kindy I hear a car pull up behind me. "Do you want a ride?" I hear a kind voice ask. I spin around and see Aiden, my best friend. "Sure" I beam as I hop in. "So how was school?" He asked (We go to different schools) "It's school what do you expect?" I reply giving him my famous 'what do ya think?' look. "True.." He says while turning into the kindy car-park. I sign Chase out and we head towards Aiden's house and let me tell you, we weren't arguing...

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