My Beloved

A girls mother decides to put her daughter in 1d competition. A few weeks later the unbeleivable happens to a girl who doesn't really like the five one direction boys. After a while something happens between a certain boy in the band or boys; let's just find out who she will start to fall for.


2. Landing In England

Niall's P.O.V

* 1 hour later *


I'm still awake will the others are asleep and see Sue in the corner of my eye asleep on my shoulder still holding me hand. She's so warm and peaceful when she's asleep and really beautiful too, plus her brown hair and that neon shirt really suites her. She wakes up and looks into my eyes with a big beautiful smile that can cheer any one up.


" Good morning Niall," she whispers with a little scratch in her voice but it didn't bother me.


"Good morning Sue Greenbrier," I whispered with a big grin.


" Is any one else awake other than us ?" she said still kind of sleepy.


"No their all asleep still, they're like bears in hibernation aint they" I said smirking then kissed Sue on the cheek.


"What was that for?" she said with her cheeks turning red like a tomato.


I said with a big grin, "I don't know you just looked really cute right now with your red tomato cheeks." 


She looked away for a second then turned around and said, "Sorry."


" Why are you sorry for your really cute right now." I said then kissed her cheek again then put my fingers between hers.


Sue's P.O.V


I can't beleive I'm falling for this right now, but he's so sweet, gentle, and warm next to me. I look into his eyes and see his clear peacefull light blue eyes.


" Niall what is England and Ireland like?" I said with my head against his shoulder.


"Well England is cold most of the time so is Ireland, but I would say that they're both beautiful places to visit." He said with his head ontop of my head then we both fall back to sleep.


Harry's P.O.V

* 3 hours later *


I wake up and head to the jon when I see Sue and Niall fast asleep on each other. They looked really peacefull, but Sue is so beautiful sleeping there on his shoulder. I look in the mirror in the bathroom after I use it and wash my hands, I look so tired so I slashed some water on my face and dry it off. I walk out and see Sue wide awake looking at me with a smile with Niall asleep on her shoulder.


"Hey we should be in England in a few minutes, but how was the ride?" I asked her with a small smile.


"It was alright for my first time." she said with a grin then giggled a little where Niall wouldn't wake up.


"Alright every body is time for landing in the beautiful british country England." the pilot said kind of happy.


"OMG! I can't wait to go to see England and see how beautiful it is that you guys have talked about so much on the ride over in the van and the airplane trip." she said then giggled which made Niall wake up.


"Hey guys are we there yet?" Niall said then he looked at Sue with a big smile.


I wonder why he's looking at her that way, but its none of my business. We all got our things from the boxs above us and got off the plane, then ran out of the airport because there was a bunch of paparazzi chasing after us to get photos.


"Sue hide behind me and put your face in my back!" I yelled at her and pulled her behind me while we all ran. We finally it made to our van and got in before the paparazzi got close and drove off to get to our house.


Sue's P.O.V

* 45 minutes later *


"How did they now we where coming?" I asked confused.


"I guess one of our fans from where we got you must have told the entire fan page and the paparazzi must have read and came to see we where coming." Harry said worried.


" Guess their interested who we brought back from America with us right guys." Niall said smiling at me and gave me a nug.


"Ya they must be." said Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam all laughing.


I looked at every one and joined in laughing with them and looked back at Niall and put my head on his sholder, but when I did we already arrived at their house and it was so beautiful and huge. We got out and Niall grabbed my stuff and carred it in for me and dissappeared when I got in. There was a huge living room and a kitchen in the front of the house, plus a inside pool in the room next to the dining room. 


"Sue go ahead and explore it will help since you'll be here all summer." Louis said with a huge smile on his face.


"Ok, but I might get lost." I said then giggled.


" Don't worry I'll get Harry to be your tour guide." Louis said then pointed at Harry.


"Alright lets go then shall we?" Harry said grabing my hand running to the back of the house. 




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