My Beloved

A girls mother decides to put her daughter in 1d competition. A few weeks later the unbeleivable happens to a girl who doesn't really like the five one direction boys. After a while something happens between a certain boy in the band or boys; let's just find out who she will start to fall for.


3. Exploring

Harry's P.O.V


"Hey this is louis' room and the room across his is mine, come on I'll show you my room." I said with a big grin. She had a smile on her face that made me want to kiss her, but I didn't. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in and gave her a hug.


"I'm so glad your the girl who is staying at our house for the summer and not one of those crazy chics would clip a piece of our hair." I said then looked into her eyes that shimmered from the light in my room.


"I glad I came too" she said then she got out of my hug and walked out of the room, "Well are you going to show me the rest of the house?"


"Ya" I said very happy and we went up stairs "This room is Zayn's, the one across is Liam's, and the one next to his is Naill's room. The one in front of his is your's that you will be staying in." I opened the door and welcomed her in her very own room and her bags next to her bed.


"Wow, it's so beautiful how did you guys get all of these amazing decorations?" she said laying on the bed.


I sit on the edge of the bed and look at her then say, "We got the decorations at a very exspensive stylist and it was all for you." 


"Your joking I mean you didn't even know me when you decorated this place or did you." she said raised up looking at me.


"We know you were coming for four months so we decided to make this room your's for as long as make sure you came and visit us when you can on summer break." I said with a big smile then laughed a little.


"Wow I had no clue. I sorry for missjudging you guys so much than I thought." she said looking down I guess feeling bad.


"Its ok we have never had a girl thats as beautiful as you are and so picky about your guys and friends." I said then kissed her cheek.


"Thank you for doing this all for me." then she got off the bed and headed down stairs.


Sue's P.O.V


I check my phone and see my mom text me so I replied to her and said I was ok and I love her, It was 5:30.I can't beleive I'm falling for both Niall and Harry; I have to choose who I want to be with be they're both so handsome and sweet to.


"Hey Sue how was your tour?" Louis said All excited to see what I was going to say.


"The house is so beautiful my room is gorgeous, why didn't you guys tell me that room is mine even after this thing is over so I can come visit when I can?" I said with a big grin.


"We didn't want to tell you till tomorrow cause we wanted to make it a suprise." Niall said then came over and gave me a big huge.


"You guys are so sweet, but I'm glad I can come and visit when ever I can after school lets out and I will come and visit I promise." I say with a smile then the guys all give me a big group hug.


* 2 hours and 30 minutes *


The boys made supper and after we got down I cleaned the dishes to pay them back for all they have done for me. I looked at Niall then Harry they are playing card and watching T.V . After I got down the boys were  all asleep on the huge couch of theirs, so I go grab an couple of covers and lay across them so they don't get. When I head up stairs I whisper "Good night boys." then I go to my room and fall asleep.


Louis' P.O.V


I wake up look at the clock on the wall and start making breakfast for the guys and Sue. Then I hear her come down the stairs in her pajamas and then I ask her, "Hey were you the one who covered me with the covers that we had in our closet?"


" Ya I didn't want you guys to get cold so I grabbed the covers from the closet and layed it across all of you." she said then she came  over to help me make breakfast.


Niall's P.O.V

* 1 hour later *


I woke up from the smell of bacon and other things that are in a big breakfast, but when I did I saw how cute Sue looked helping Louis set the table and laughing at his jokes.


"Good Morning guys!" I said looking into Sue's eyes then all of a suddenly the other that were still asleep pushed from behind me to go sit from behind me to get a good seat. I was walking to get the seat next to Sue but Harry already took it so I just sat infront of her.


"Zayn, Louis and I made you a special breakfast you cause you don't like pork." Sue said giving Zayn his plate.


" Thanks Sue I knew you were going to be something special in this house over your break." Zayn said then smiled at her.


" Hey Sue what do you  think about going swimming in the pool later?" Liam said stuffing his face with a big piece of bread.


" Think that would be great to have some fun to get used to all of this." She said  looking at all of the boys.


Harry's P.O.V

* 1 hour and 45 minutes later *


We all got our swimming clothes on then went down stairs except Sue who was still in her room getting ready still. We grab our towels and put by the pool then all jumped in. When I pocked up out of the water Sue walked in with a one piece that was green and it made her eyes pop. she had her hair in a ponytail and had a sports necklace to top it all off.


" Hey guys." she said with a red cheeks blushing, she looked adorable.


"Wow!" we all said without knowing it.


"Thanks you guys you all look good your selves." she said looking down then got in the pool.

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