My Beloved

A girls mother decides to put her daughter in 1d competition. A few weeks later the unbeleivable happens to a girl who doesn't really like the five one direction boys. After a while something happens between a certain boy in the band or boys; let's just find out who she will start to fall for.


1. Confusing Interest

 Sue's mother "Vicky" goes into her daughter's room to wake her up, and tell her there was guest down stairs. she walks in when she hears Sue's already taking a shower, so Vicky just goes back down stair and makes the guest some tea and sandwiches.  


Sue's P.O.V


 I taking a shower when I hear my room door open then close five seconds later, but it must have been my mother she wakes me up alot on summer vacation. I get out of the shower and blow dry my hair, brush my teeth, wash my face, and get my neon green tee-shirt on and my  white  shinny jeans to go with it. I go down stairs and see five odd looking guys sitting on the couch in my living room, they looked like they were in their late teens to their early twenties.


 "Mom who are these guys in our living room?" I go look for her and I find her in the kitchen  fixing some sandwiches I guess for the guys in our living room. 


 Mom says with a liitle anxious face, " I put you in a one direction contest and you won!"


 I say with an angry face towards my mom, " Mom you know I don't like one direction they're so weird and think they're better than any one else in the entire world."


 " Don't be rude to them its my fault not theirs you got that. I just wanted you to be having fun and getting out of the house over summer vacation, plus get your head out of those stupid books you read every single day. So I'm sending you to England to spend the summer with the boys so go pack your things and get ready to go to England ok I love you but i want you to go have fun got it," my mom says with seriousness in her brown eyes.


Harry's P.O.V


 We have been sitting in here for a few minutes when I see Vicky come out with I guess her daughter was behind her coming towards us so the boys and I stood to shake her daughter's hand when she said nicely, "Hi my name is Sue I'm Vicky's only daughter." I was mesmorized by how she looked, she had a pretty neon green tee-shirt that makes her clear blue eyes pop; her white skinny jeans that made her look like a supermodel with her brown curly hair. I snapped back when she went to the Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis to say hello. 


Before I could catch myself i said, "So Sue what do you think about spending the summer with us?"


She said with a frown, "I don't know but I think it will be ok, but I'm gonna go upstairs and pack so we can leave," She leaves the room to go pack with a sad/annoued.


* 1 hour and 45 minutes later *


It was time for us to leave so I took Sue's bags and put it on top of our old van and put it in the box then locked it. We all said goodbye to Vicky and got in the van to drive to the airport.


Sue's P.O.V

* 3 hours later *


 We finally made it to the airport to go to England but before I got out Harry looked at me then waved me over to get my bag. I grabed my bag, then we all got out to go get our airport tickets to get on the plane. I turned around to look at Harry then he said with a worried look, "Whats the matter Sue?" 


I say with confert, "I have never rode on a plan berfore." 


Harry took my hand and said his words soflty, "Don't worry we're here to give you confert ok Sue's the nerves liitle girl." Then he smirked after he said that to my face.


"Well least I don't have four niples," I laughed then the rest boys laughed but Harry didn't.


"You know you guys love them I mean come on they're cool," he said then laughed.


Niall said still laughing, "Alright dude you right they are pretty cool."


I looked at Harry and Niall they were both very handsome. Niall had a white tee-shirt on and a pair of dark blue jeans on with convers shoes, while Harry was wearing a light blue polo shirt and black pair of jeans with nickes on. 


I snapped back when Louis ask, "Alright Sue you ready?"


I say with a smile, "Yep but are you boys ready for the time of your life with me?"


They all smiled and then said, "We sure are!"


We went through security and finally made it to the plane I was nerves so when we sat down on the plane I grabed Niall's hand because he was beside me.


Niall turned to look at me and said, "It's going to be alright Sue I'm right here don't worry."


I just tried to relax when I feel asleep and Niall's sholder he's so warm and kind so I just let myself driffed off to a deep sleep.    


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