My Beloved

A girls mother decides to put her daughter in 1d competition. A few weeks later the unbeleivable happens to a girl who doesn't really like the five one direction boys. After a while something happens between a certain boy in the band or boys; let's just find out who she will start to fall for.


4. Confessing

Sue's P.O.V


I start swimming in the pool and then Niall comes up behind me then hugs me so tight I can't breath then he lets go when Harry says, "Dude she's turning purple in the face."


" I'm so sorry Sue are you alright, can you breath." he said with a concerned look on his face.


" Ya I'm fine I just couldn't breath for a sec." I said then turned around and gave Niall a hug.


" Hey Sue are you forgeting about me?" Harry said with a grin on his face.


" No come here you." I said waving Harry over to me to get a hug.


Harry gives me a warm soft hug then whispers in my ear where no one else can hear, "Sue I like you meet me at the pool at 1:30 got it." He gets out of our hug then I nod in agreement then he swam over to Louis and started laughing at his jokes.


" What was that about Sue?" Niall says in my ear.


"It was nothing." I said not to point out the obvious to what Harry just told me.


" Well ok ,but if he gets to close and your uncomfortible with it, just tell me alright."  Niall says in my ear again.


"Ok thanks for telling me just in case" I said in his ear.


"Thats what I'm here for is to keep you safe." he says in my ear then dives under me and pulls me down then I feel his lips on my cheek then he swims away. I swim back to the surface and I see Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn splashing each other with water; then Niall pokes out inbetween them and starts making waves. I swim over and goof off with them ,but then they all turn on me and start splashing me like a child. I dive under to pull Harry and Niall under, then I swam away and got some air before I could get pulled under as well. They all start looking arounnd to see where I went, but I was already heading for the kitchen .


Zayn said with a gentle smile, "Hey Sue can you go make us some lunch while your out?"


I stopped and said very happy looking at the boys, "Ya it's alright with me."


"Hey I'll come with you Sue is that ok?" Niall said with flatering eyes staring at me.


"Ya I guess just don't mess with while I'm making my awesome sandwiches ok?" I said making every one laugh.


We were both in the kitchen now and he then hugged me when we were not spotable by anyone from the pool just a room over.


"Sue meet me in the back yard a 6:30 in the morning ok I want to tell you something." He said in my ear then kissed my cheek.


"Alright but stop creeping me out with those stares your giving me." I said looking in his pretty sky blue eyes in the room light in his eye.


"Ok I quite but lets get these sandwiches done before the boys come in here kind of worried I might be melesting you when they're not looking." He said  pouting then laughing a little.


"Ya lets get this done or you'll all kill me." I said giggling then getting my things for the sanwiches.



                                         Harry's P.O.V

                                                                     * 30 minutes later *


I see Sue and Naill finally showing up with the sandwiches that they both made and they looked amazing like Sue said earlier.


"Harry are you alright dude?" Louis said shaking my shoulder a little then came back to real life.


"Ya, those sandwiches just look really good I feel like I'm going to drool." I said laughing after and then every one else started laughing with me.


"Jeez Harry you must be really hungry then aren't you." Sue said then giggled under her breath.


"Ya I guess I'm but you know I was playing in the pool using my energy for 3 hours." I said then looked at Sue with a big grin.


We all get out of the pool and eat our favorite pb&j, turkey, and grilled cheese sandwiches which were really good since Sue made them; I checked my phone and It's 9:oo only 4 and a half more hours to tell Sue that I really like her and want her to get to know me better. 



                                           Sue's P.O.V

                                          *3 hours later*


It's 12:00 and all the boys are asleep excpet Harry his text he just sent me says "Alright are you ready to go swimming Sue; I'm getting ready so you better get ready so we can meet down stairs I will bring the towels cause I'm the quietest."


I replied "Ok and can you bring me that pretty towel with all them hearts on it please."


I then went to my drawer to pick my favorite two piece zebra print bakini; after I got that on I put on my Hair up in two pig tails then went down stair to meet Harry but being very quiet doing so by the pool.


"Hey Sue you want to swim now?" Harry said with a huge smile that lightened my facal expression.


"Ya but can you beat me first?" I said then ran and jumped into the pool before he could say any thing. I go to the surface when I see Harry ballsi in the pool before I could tell him not too. Harry go to the surface got some air then pulled me in and I could feel his lips touch my lips.


"Harry what was that for?" I said feeling my face getting hotter.


"I kissed you cause I have feelings for you Sue." He said then hugged me whispering in my ear "I care for you alot even though you have only been here for a few days so I'll give you time to think about this." He then left and kept my favorite towel on the chair.


I get out then head for my room to change my clothes then fall asleep after I set my phone alarm for 6 o'clock. 



I woke up to my alarm on my phone then got in the shower after I got done I scrunched my hair, then chose a blue tank top and a pair of black shorts. I head to the back yard to see Niall outside on his favorite chair on the porch that was the only white chair out here and rockable. He was wearing a white pollo shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.


"Morning Sue" He said very happily then pulled me into his lap.


"Morning Niall and why did you pull me into your lap?" I said probably with a confused look.


"I like you Sue remember I told you on the airplane, when we brought you from America" He said with a worried look.


"O ya I forgot for a split second sorry," I said then hugged him while I was in his lap, "listen I have to tell you something about Harry he likes me." There was silence and I could tell he was upset after I told him every thing that happened between me and Harry.


" Are you in love with him or me?" He said blankly.


" I don't know can you give me some time to think because I have feelings for both of you and I'm so confused about who to choose." I say then get off his lap and look at the sun rise off the small buildings.


" Well I'll give you some time ok but I'm going to say this I love you no matter who you choose and if in the end he plays  you like he does like every other girl then goes for other older women I'll be here ok beautiful." He said then got off the chair he was sitting on came next to me then kissed me with his super soft irrisistable lips.



Niall's P.O.V


When I heard every thing Sue said that happened last night with Harry I was enraged but I told her after she told me she was confused I wasn't mad I understand how confusing it can be to choose betweeen two people that you care for alot. Sue left the porch to back to sleep after all she was only asleep for 4 hours for this morning with me and last night with Harry.


I went up stairs to wake up louis, Liam, and Zayn. After I woke the boys I told them I would wake up Harry. I went up to his room which was right across the room to Sue's and mine which was right next to hers so when we get up it will be hard for her to not walk down the hall with one of us. I open his door and see he's still asleep. I creep over next to his bed then I jump on his bed to wake him up.


He wakes up very frustrated and looks really grumpy and says, "Ok dude I'm up alright."


I say very serious " We need to talk about our feelings towards Sue."


Harry looked very suprised at what I just said then said, "Alright I like her she's very cute, funny, and her personality is like no other women I have ever met before; I get this weird feeling when I'm near her and I don't care for older women anymore when I'm around her."


"Harry thats called love;I like her too and I get that same weird feeling in my chest and I know about you too meeting at the pool last night cause she told me this morning and I'm giving her time to choose who she wants to go out with so can you give her space while this is going on.


Harry said kind of depressed " Ok but I can't promise cause she is so beautiful and irrisistable."


" I know how you feel lad but we're goina have to give her some space to think this over." I say with a smile to know this went well.


We both nod our heads and head down stairs, then see every one on the couch watching cars 2, even Sue who was sitting next to Liam.


Well comment if you like it I am very eager to what every one thinks sbout it so vote and keep reading.

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