The Halls

*Based on a True Story* Marley and her friends embark on a new journey, high school. Freshmen year is hard enough, but it becomes harder for this group of teens who find themselves in a cyber-bullying crisis. Not to mention the love drama and tension forming between this group of friends.

NOTE: These are real people in real situations. Each chapter will be from a different point of view. The first chapter, Prologue, describes the situations at hand in an un-bias point-of-view.


1. Prolouge

Great Contour High School is the new home to Freshmen Marley and her friends. Although this is a normal high school scene the students have unique identities that cause a whole new kind of trouble that the well mannered Marley could never imagine. 

While Marley is trying to understand the inner workings of her new high school, she observes the variety of happenings in the school. 

Ivy is destined to try and dodge the shadow of her cocky arrogant older brother. Following in basically the exact same step she desperately needs to make something else of herself. Everyone already sees her as the best there can be. She gets A+'s and excels at sports and the list of her extra-ciruculars are great. Yet she never likes the fact that people say that she is as perfect as can be. Even Marley, her best friend, never misses an opportunity to compliment her on her various achievements in sports, academics, and music. Can Ivy break the curve?

Ganesa is used to being the cool controlled girl. She thinks that she is the center of this group of friends. But when she enters high school she realizes she has to work to keep her place. Of course she was never the most popular girl in Middle School but she could be considered more popular than any of the other girls within the clique of friends. It seems that Ganesa works under the assumption that everyone likes her or has to like her. Because of this a lot of people are starting to gravitate somewhere else, where she isn't the center; she just doesn't realize it. Can she keep her "friends" or loose them silently?

Alyssa is a quiet girl. She surrounds herself with a variety of different groups. In person she stays under the radar. However, anyone could vouch that whenever she steps behind a screen, the words come pouring out. Most people don't really know if she is different behind a screen or is just to shy to say it to their faces. Alyssa is what Marley would call a "circle hopper". This means that she can be found mingling with different circles. Not that it is a bad practice just peculiar for two reasons: the groups do not like each other and she was the only connector to all of the cyber scandals. Many people don't suspect anything, or at least to afraid to find out.

Aaron is that kid. He is a nice and sweet Mormon child with nice friends and strong family values. Except with genuinely friendly character seems to attract more attention than its worth. He has a "reputation" of unintentionally leading many people on, at once. And Marley should know. She has fallen for this religious play-boy. Her friend Jamie had once "dated" this suave vigilante. And does not miss an opportunity to warn Marley of her delicate heart. Jamie as kept a friendship with Aaron, but this friendship was threatened when Jamie tried to confront Aaron about his "flirting" habits. He openly admitted that her thought that if he stopped flirting people wouldn't like him anymore. Marley thinks about this often. Will Aaron loose his admirers as the secret comes out?

With characters like this, life at Great Contour will be more than what these students were expecting.



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