When Harry Styles came out as Bi in high school he was constantly ridiculed and ostracized. He now goes to The Cheshire institute of technology. He's prospering and has an amazing boyfriend who he loves dearly. Life is going great, until Harry starts to feel strange. Seizures, voices, a weak blood cell count and many other things lead him to U.N.I. university in Bradford where he will be monitored closely. Will His relationship with his boyfriend end over U.N.I.


2. Am I Late?

|† Chapter 1 †|

Through out the day the light headed feeling had upgraded to a slight throbbing in the back of his head. He didn't give it much thought. He had dealt with pain much worse. He sluggishly got up from his seat and checked his watch "12:30," he sighed " lunch time." He always dreaded lunch time. His boyfriend would pick him up and sometimes it was alright, but most of the time he came back with makeup on and a slight limp. He dragged himself to the door and went in the direction of the parking lot." Hey Harry wanna come eat with us?" Niall shouted after him. Harry just shook his head and continued walking. " C'mon Harry you never eat with us." Niall whined trailing after Harry like a lost puppy. " I have to go with my bo-- I mean Bonnie, yeah Bonnie my girlfriend." Harry spit out trying to cover up his mistake. He decided when he had met Niall over the summer that he wasn't going to tell him about his sexuality. He needed someone to just be friendly and Niall was just perfect for the job.

" Okay Harry, but you're sitting with us tomorrow no if's, and's, or but's" Niall threatened turning on his heal in the opposite direction Harry was heading in and jogged off . Harry felt so alone. He always felt alone. His mother, father, and step father had all passed away a while back and he couldn't find his sister anywhere so it was him and Rain. Rain was the only light in his miserable life. So he constantly looked forward to seeing his soft brown hair and loving dark blue eyes. His palms started to sweat in both anticipation and nerves. Would Rain be able to tell he was almost late this morning? Would he be able to catch a whiff of Niall cologne from when they hugged earlier that day? Question after question swam around his head as he walked through the maze of parked cars trying to get to the entrance. He started to walk faster after realizing his conversation with Niall could've slowed him down. There are always consequences for walking to slow.

He finally made it to his destination and was relieved to see that the old blue beat up camero wasn't waiting for him already. He leaned on the old rusty fence surrounding the parking lot and school. He had gotten fairly winded from the brisk walk he had to make to get there on time. The harsh September wind blew against his skinny frame almost blowing him off his feet. He looked down at his worn down attire. An old pair of beat up white chuck taylors hugged his feet, a pair of faded dark wash skinny jeans shielded him from the cold, a thin short sleeved v neck shirt hung loosely around his shoulders, but last and certainly not least a navy beanie kept his chocolate curly brown locks under control and hid the bald spots. Goosebumps rose in his pale skin trying to retain the heat he was loosing rapidly. He looked back down at his watched and mumbled "12:50." Why was Rain late? He was never late, ever. Had he gotten hurt? Now Harry was trembling with fear.

The minutes passed by slowly and soon it was 1:15 and Rain sill hadn't shown up. Harry's nails were chewed down to nubs and that slight throbbing in the back of his head was now a pounding. The wind was relentless in its quest to freeze Harry. He couldn't feel his long slender fingers that were wrapped tightly around his torso. His whole body shook trying to warm his system back up.  Small metallic spots started to cloud his vision and soon everything went black. He could feel his body convulsing violently on the hard concrete sidewalk.

Niall had turned away from Harry starving and rushed to his group of friends that were all waiting for him in the campus library. He opened the old oak doors and felt warm air rush at him immediately warming his chilled body. He strolled into the first floor and tried to scope out his friends and lover. Off in the far corner he could see them all laughing and sharing strange stories. He sneaked around until he was behind the correct person, or so he thought. He leaped up into the air and landed with a thud on his friend Cher. "Oi, Niall what was that for?" She bellowed angrily. She had such a loud and powerful voice for someone so petite and that just made her special. Niall loved his friends, and his friends loved Niall. They were always there for each other no matter how bad the situation was. That's why he wanted Harry to come sit with them. He was always alone and so jumpy. Niall wasn't let dwell on the thought too long before "Oooff" He landed on his bum after being pushed off Cher. He giggled at Josh's over protectiveness.

Josh was another of Niall's friends and was also Cher's loving boyfriend of 3 years. Soon bickering broke out in between two members of the group. Cher and Niall's other half's to be more exact. All the friends were taking sides and disrupting the quiet calm atmosphere of the Library with their loud voices.  All the attention was directed towards them as a chair flew across the small corner they were in. Curse words and objects soared through the dusty air as the argument got more heated. Long story short they were now banned from the Library for a month. They laughed off the punishment and continued to be best friends the fight that happened moments before already forgotten. They decided to get a bite to eat at a local cafe and were soon strolling through the parking lot. Niall spotted Harry and got a brilliant idea . " Hey baby, I'm going to go ask my friend Harry over there if he would like to come eat with us." Niall said and strolled off not waiting for a response. The five people left over from Niall's departure decided it was best if they followed after there thine blond friend. Just to make sure he stayed safe.

He had a thing for trouble or maybe it was the other way around. Niall neared Harry at a normal pace never taking his eyes off the younger lad. Just to make sure he had him in sight if he needed to go after him. The Harry did the unexpected. He collapsed on the floor and started convulsing violently." LIAM! RUN SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH HARRY!!!" Niall cried out while sprinting toward Harry's fidgeting figure. Liam and the rest of the gang rushed to see what was the matter. As soon as eyes were laid on the scene phones were being whipped out to call an ambulance. Niall sat down on the cold cement and ignored the rueful September wind as he laid Harry's head on his lap. Soon an ambulance was on the spot taking Harry away. Niall was hugged from behind by his faithful partner in crime or may I say boyfriend. Niall was gay and was truly, madly, deeply in love with his fiance Liam. They had been together for the better part of the decade. Niall stood there shocked and expressionless trying to fathom what had just occurred.
He was dragged away from the sidewalk into a car and taken to the Hospital.


* Preview of   you only had hypothermia*

"Mr. Styles what is this on your arm?" the doctor asked me while grasping my left arm in his big calloused hands. "Nothing." I whimpered as I tried to pull my sore arm out of his tight hold. He yanked my arm back and pulled up the long sleeved shirt Niall had been so kind to lend to me. The doctor read the words that were forever carved in to my arm " fat ugly." That's when an uncontrollable torrent of tears made there way down my pale cheeks. That's when the bad memories came flooding back.

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