When Harry Styles came out as Bi in high school he was constantly ridiculed and ostracized. He now goes to The Cheshire institute of technology. He's prospering and has an amazing boyfriend who he loves dearly. Life is going great, until Harry starts to feel strange. Seizures, voices, a weak blood cell count and many other things lead him to U.N.I. university in Bradford where he will be monitored closely. Will His relationship with his boyfriend end over U.N.I.


1. The Cheshire Institute of Technology (prolog)

Harry Styles was finally free. "Free from what?" You may ask. Well, he came out as bi in the 10th grade. When his friends were told the news they abandoned him, he was left to fend for himself as others ostracized, and beat him on a daily basis. Today, oh today was different. He was finally free of those twats. Today he started his first day at the Cheshire Institute of Technology. He was following his dream of being in the music business, but since he thought of himself talentless in the vocal department why not become a recording engineered?

He walked into the large tan building where his first class was. It had green ivy inching its way across the moss covered building. It looked ancient, and had a homey feeling to it. His olive green eyes darted from door to door trying to make it to class on time for his first day. His boyfriend would be upset with him. The though of what his lover would do if he found out he was running late sent shivers up his long sightly bent torso. He ran a hand through his chocolate brown hair from stress. He finally found the large room and took a seat closest to the exit. He looked down at his old, brown leather  wrist watch and saw that he was indeed late...to be early. He sighed in relief and started to relax a little when "BOO!" A heavy Irish accent ripped through the calm atmosphere. Harry jumped about 10 feet in the air out of pure fright. He was always full of so much anxiety. He held his right hand to his heart
and took a deep breath trying to stop the ba-bum ba-bum thumping of his heart in his chest. " Niall you scared the poo out of me!" He gasped still trying to calm his heart beat. Niall's cheery laugh echoed through the empty room. Harry looked at his blond friend curiously. Something had changed, but what? His eyes scanned over Niall's powder white face, his blue eyes shone as bright as ever, the smile that could melt every heart in a room still present, dark blue braces contrasted on his perfectly white teeth. So what could it be? Everything seemed to be in order. That's when he realized something: Niall was a brunette. He had dyed his hair the night before with the motto " New look, new beginning." as his inspiration. Soon people of all different sizes and shapes filed into the room scattering and taking a seat anywhere where one could be found. The lesson started and Harry started to feel light headed, but dismissed it as his lack of nutrition.

Hey! what do you think should I continue this story , put it on hold, delete it off the face of the planet? Comment your opinion and If there are a lot more yes' then no's 1 comment will get me to update so do that. okay bye :)

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