I will always love you <3 (One Direction FanFic)

Christina and her best friend April were shopping at Aeropostle, but when she thought it was going to be a normal hang out the unexpected happened...
Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, walked in. Christina had always fangirled about Zayn and April did the same but fangirled about Niall, the two girls noticed the guys starring straight at them, what happens when the friends meet up, Melissa, Vanessa and Alyssa meet Liam, Louis and Harry, so much love that you won't be able to quit reading. What happens next? U will just have to read and find out. :-)

This is my first fanfic, hope u like it, Plzz comment how I do :-)


10. Welcome home baby

**3 months later**

Zayn's POV:

I was so happy to have my beautiful daughter here with us. We had not invited anyone to the hospital the whole time we were there and I told her to stay a few days extra and settle down, before going hope. I was lost in my train of thoughts thinking about Christina and the baby, but then someone knocked on the door.
"Come in!" I yelled but not to loud so that Chrissy wouldn't wake up. She looked so cute and peaceful while she slept. I stood up as the door opened and in came the doctor.
He looked at me and smiled, "We have gotten everything finished and she should be recovered from her pain now. You may leave anytime you want. Just don't forget that when you leave you need to have Christina and yourself, sign the signout sheet." I smiled.
"Thank you so much. We will be sure to be out by today, may I go and see Chelsey?" I asked. I wanted to see my baby girl. The little bundle of joy me and Christina had. She was mine.
The doctor stopped walking,"Yes you may, but most of the little ones are sleeping so you will have to be quiet and you can bring her up here if you would like." I nodded my head to him.
As I was walking to get Chelsey, I kept thinking. Will me and Christina always be together? Will we get married? Is this our only child? So many questions going through my mind.

Christina's POV:

I love Zayn and Chelsey so much. Nothing could get better than this. Just how will we tell our parents? We just left the hospital and are now home. It is so sweet watching Zayn hold Chelsey. He's going to be a great father throughout all these years.
"Hey babe, you should call your parents and have them come over, and I will do the same." Zayn said smiling at me, holding the baby, singing little things to her. I smiled back and slightly nodded. I grabbed my phone and dialed their numbers, I called my mom first. After 3 rings, she finally answered.
"Hey hun, what's up?" She asked and I could tell she was happy I called just by her voice.
"Just calling to invite you over, Zayn's parents are coming to, we have a surprise for you all." I replied.
"Alright baby, I will call your dad and let him know."
"Thanks mom, love you, see you soon."
"Bye babe."
"Bye" I hung up and heard Zayn on the phone, "Okay thanks, love you." He said and hung up too.
"They will be here in an hour, let's freshen up and put a different outfit on Chelsey." I told him, he nodded, I went to grab Chels but he grabbed her before I could.
"I will take her, you go get ready." He smiled at me and I went upstairs, took a shower, when I got out I put on some comfortable sweats and a tank top. I walked downstairs to find Chelsey and Zayn already done and dressed. He seen me and smiled.
"Your even more beautiful without make-up." I giggled as he said that, he got up, came over, and kissed me passionately. It didn't last long before Chelsey started crying. I went to pick her up. I loved this little girl so much. She was very beautiful. There was suddenly a knock on the door. I had butterflies banging against my stomach.
"I will get it," Zayn said and went to the door. When he opened it I seen all of them, both my parents and his. They looked at me and Chelsey and their mouths dropped open, wide-eyed, just starring. This is going to be a long conversation. I hope they are all okay with this. My heart is pounding and butterflies in my stomach.
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