I will always love you <3 (One Direction FanFic)

Christina and her best friend April were shopping at Aeropostle, but when she thought it was going to be a normal hang out the unexpected happened...
Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, walked in. Christina had always fangirled about Zayn and April did the same but fangirled about Niall, the two girls noticed the guys starring straight at them, what happens when the friends meet up, Melissa, Vanessa and Alyssa meet Liam, Louis and Harry, so much love that you won't be able to quit reading. What happens next? U will just have to read and find out. :-)

This is my first fanfic, hope u like it, Plzz comment how I do :-)


4. The game

**About 4 months later**

Zayn's POV:

We all met up again after a few months of us getting to know our girls and trust, care, and love them, we decided to invite them for a fun game night. We all sat there for awhile trying to think of a game to play. "Ummm how about," I stuttered trying to think of somethimg. "Truth or dare!" We all yelled at once, then busted out laughing. " Okay, who goes first?" I said. "Me!" Said Louis. "Okay," I replied.

Louis' POV:

Okay so let's see, who should I choose? "Niall, truth or dare?" I asked. He looked shocked and replied "Umm, dare," he said worried as I had an evil smile plastered on my face. "I dare you to go sit on April's side and give her a sweet lonnng kiss," I said extending the n in long. He looked at me, nodded, and did as told. He sat down next to April, smiled, and leaned in for the kiss. We all "awwwwed" and they both pulled away smiling and blushing. I seen her put her hand on his leg and he winked at her. "Omg Niall's winking at the touch!" I yelled. Everyone looked at April and Niall. The girls all smiled and us guys winked at Niall.

Harry's POV:

" My turn!" I yelled. "Okay Zayn," I said with an evil smirk. "Oh no, I should be worried," he said with and concerned face and a laugh. "Truth or dare?" I asked. He took about 2 minutes to think and finally said "dare" I smirked again and he looked even more worried. "I dare you to have seven minutes in heaven with Christina." I said. He looked shocked and looked at Christina who had her mouth dropped open. "What's wrong Chrissy?" I said, wondering if she was even ready to go that far with him. "Umm nothing." She said. "Chrissy if your not ready than you don't have too." Zayn said. "Its okay, I know I love you with all my heart, we have known each other for about 4 months now, its okay. Don't worry babe." She said trying to tell Zayn its fine. "Okay but not here." He said winking at her. "Ahhh I see your gonna take it home," I said. After a few more rounds we quit and everyone left but they all went with one person.
Niall and April.
Christina and Zayn.
Melissa and Liam.
Alyssa and Louis.
Me and Vanessa. <3
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