I will always love you <3 (One Direction FanFic)

Christina and her best friend April were shopping at Aeropostle, but when she thought it was going to be a normal hang out the unexpected happened...
Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, walked in. Christina had always fangirled about Zayn and April did the same but fangirled about Niall, the two girls noticed the guys starring straight at them, what happens when the friends meet up, Melissa, Vanessa and Alyssa meet Liam, Louis and Harry, so much love that you won't be able to quit reading. What happens next? U will just have to read and find out. :-)

This is my first fanfic, hope u like it, Plzz comment how I do :-)


3. Meeting the others

Christina's POV:

April told me all about their date and it seemed so sweet, I smiled and gave her a huge hug. "I'm so glad your happy Apes." I said, her name was April but I call her Apes. My phone buzzed and I took it out of my purse. I smiled as I read the name.

From Zayn <3
"Hey babe, can I ask u something?" It said.
"Hey babe. Yeah sure." I replied. I smiled at the thought that he called me babe.

From Zayn <3
"Would you and April like to come meet the guys today?" He wrote.
"Yes! Sounds fun!" I replied.
I told April and she was excited. I invited my sister, Vanessa, my cousin Melissa, and another friend of mine, Alyssa.

Zayn's POV:

The girls said they were bringing along 3 people. Christina's sister Vanessa, her cousin Melissa, and a friend Alyssa. Me and they other 4 guys were happy. Soon enough we heard a knock on the door. " I will get it!" I shouted, running downstairs. I opened the door to see 5 girls, beautiful, but the one, Christina caught my eye the most :) we went inside and I seen Harry look straight at the girl Vanessa, Christina's sister, as if he had just seen an angel. Vanessa smiled at him. Liam's gaze was at Melissa, starring into her brown eyes. Louis was looking at Alyssa, as if he had only one person around which was her.

Niall's POV:

April was beautiful today. She is everyday. I noticed how the 3 guys looked at the other 3 girls, me and Zayn looked at each other and let out a small giggle. I talked to April for a while and got to know her very well. I kissed her passionately and it was a feeling I never felt before, the love, the way you feel when nothing can ruin your moment, and that's how it was. I asked her out and got and immediate answer if yes! I pecked her cheek one more as I looked at the rest of the guys smiling.

Harry's POV:

I could not take my eyes off Vanessa, it was like and angel came down from heaven to meet me, I never felt like this before. I seen Niall and Zayn look at me and giggle. "What?" I asked. "You boys are starring at the girls like crazy!" They said as me, Liam, and Louis turned pink and smiled. Me and Vanessa talked forever telling our life stories and information, turns out that shes not that shy girl, shes perfect. I asked her out and she said yes. I leaned in and kissed her passionately, as our tongues danced together, I felt my heart become full.

Louis' POV:

Alyssa was beautiful, cute, adorable. We talked for about 20 minutes now and I already know everything about her and she knows about me. This is the best thing ever! Even though I hadn't known her that long I knew she was mine, perfect, I asked her out, she said yes! I kissed her and as our tongues danced I could feel my body tense us like I had been missing something but I finally found it. :)

Liam's POV:

Melissa was so beautiful, her brown eyes sparkled under the light as she smiled. I talked to her for a while and we got to know each other very well, even our personal secrets. Soon enough I asked her out and she said yes. I kissed her passionately, our tongues dancing together, I knew she was mine, nothing could break us apart, forever and always, Liam and Melissa. <3

Sorry if you it was too soon for the to ask the girls out and too much kissing, I'm sort of new at this, I read novellas all the time so this is what I came up with, thanks for reading, hope u like it so far, Luvs ya - Chrissy <3
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