I will always love you <3 (One Direction FanFic)

Christina and her best friend April were shopping at Aeropostle, but when she thought it was going to be a normal hang out the unexpected happened...
Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, walked in. Christina had always fangirled about Zayn and April did the same but fangirled about Niall, the two girls noticed the guys starring straight at them, what happens when the friends meet up, Melissa, Vanessa and Alyssa meet Liam, Louis and Harry, so much love that you won't be able to quit reading. What happens next? U will just have to read and find out. :-)

This is my first fanfic, hope u like it, Plzz comment how I do :-)


1. Aeropostle

Christina's POV:

Today is the day that me and April will me going shopping at Aeropostle. " April I'm gonna take a quick shower then we can go" I said.
"Alright but hurry, I cant wait!" She yelled up the stairs. I quickly got into the shower, and about 19 minutes later I was done. When I got out I put on my short shorts, my pink tank top and my 1D jacket with my converse. I had brushed through my hair and applied some mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and a little bit of lip gloss on. My hair was wavy/straight as I brushed through it and decided to just leave it down. I went downstairs and told April I was ready to find that she was already in my new car waiting.

April's POV:

I have been waiting for about 5 minutes and now she came out. I'm wearing my short shorts with a purple tank top and my 1D jacket also with my converse. When I seen Christina, well Chrissy, I giggled bcuz we basically had on the same outfit. "Hey Chrissy!" I said.
"Hey Apes! Ready to go?" Chrissy replied.
"Yep!!!" I said.
About 20 minutes later we were at the mall and heading to Aeropostle. She tries on a few outfits and so did I. When we were looking at the jewelry and perfume we seen what has never been expected. Zayn and Niall!!!!!!!

Christina's POV:

I was trying on a necklace when I suddenly seen April starring at something, I followed her gaze and when I too seen my mouth dropped open. "April is that who I think it is?!" I said shocked and excited. "Yes!" She yelled. Zayn and Niall heard her and smiled as they made their way over to us. "I couldn't help but notice u two strarring and by the way love the sweaters!" Zayn said. "Well, hi I'm Christina but Chrissy, this is April but you can call her Apes." I said. "Okay, Chrissy would u like to go on a date with me this Friday night?" Zayn asked. "Yes!" I replied in a scream, bad mistake, girls looked at us seen the guys then the two ran off. All we seen was a huge mob of crazed fans.

All week me and Zayn had been talking getting to know each other but tomorrow is Friday and I saved best moment talks for last. I really love him. <3
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