On The Streets Of New York

Yes, yes. Ashley knows the one and only Harry Styles. They ran into each on New Years Eve in Times Square. Well the thing is, Harry is dating the infamous Taylor Swift, who is a bad girlfriend and gives Ashley death threats through text message! Ashley knows Taylor isn't good for Harry, but Harry isn't good for Ashley either! This is one roller coaster ride in the life of Ashley Brown. This is a page turning, suspense, cliff-hanging story you will not forget! Please give me feedback too! xx


2. The Real Story

I bet you're probably thinking 'oh, he's gonna get the girl. Liam and Lucy fall in love and they will live happily ever after.' Well, you were wrong. My life isn't just some big fairytale because of Harry Styles. If you're wondering, it was actually messed up because of Harry Styles. So here's the real story, and trust me you're in for a ride. Buckle up boys and girls because nothing is as it seems in Ravenwood... 

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