On The Streets Of New York

Yes, yes. Ashley knows the one and only Harry Styles. They ran into each on New Years Eve in Times Square. Well the thing is, Harry is dating the infamous Taylor Swift, who is a bad girlfriend and gives Ashley death threats through text message! Ashley knows Taylor isn't good for Harry, but Harry isn't good for Ashley either! This is one roller coaster ride in the life of Ashley Brown. This is a page turning, suspense, cliff-hanging story you will not forget! Please give me feedback too! xx


4. One Night Stand


 Harry - I'm out here. xx

 I was already nervous and I could tell. My hands were shaking so badly that you could most likely notice from a mile away. I grabbed my jacket hanging from my door and hurried out the door. For April, the weather was suprisingly cold. I carefully walked out onto the icy porch and locked the door behind me. I made my way out onto the sidewalk and found the black Mercedes waiting for my appearance. He opened the door to reveal himself and my God did he look amazing. I had missed him so much. I still can't believe Taylor would treat such a nice person in a disgusting way. 

 " Hey, Love." Harry said smirking. He came in for a bear hug and started talking again.

 " It's been forever since I first saw you! I missed you." He pulled away and I blushed.

 " I've missed you too Harry." I said smiling. He guided me to the passenger seat and opened the door for me. I smiled and gave him a 'thank you'. He closed the door and I waited for him to get into his side of the car. Just then, I heard a buzzing noise coming from inside my bag. I searched for the vibrating IPhone and when I reached it, I had a message from a number I did not recognize. I slid the lock and began to read the text.

  You better back off my boyfriend, I know you like him but get away. - T

 I obviously knew who it was from, Taylor. At least i'm not the one who went and snogged Zayn in a corner while i'm still dating someone.. 

" Who is that?" I jumped at the sound of Harry's voice. He leaned over to take a look but I turned it off without replying to Taylor. 

" Oh, no one. Just my aunt." It wasn't true though. My aunt and uncle were going to be away for two weeks. I will be home alone for two weeks.. yay.. I turned to Harry and asked him if we could just go.

" Okay.. where do you want to go first?" He gave me that cute and dirty look of his and I just couldn't get myself together! 

" Up too you. I'm up for anything." I looked down at the floor of the car and smiled. He shifted the car into gear and we left in a puff of smoke. In about ten minutes of never ending conversation, we reached our first club of the night. 'The Corner'. I'd actually never been here after my few experiences of this, it looked fun. He pulled into the parking lot and then shifted the car into park. He opened the car door, slammed it shut, then appeared on my side. He opened my door and closed it behind me.

" This is going to be fun." Harry's eyes gleamed in the moonlight. They resembled a never ending sea of deep green emeralds.

" I can't wait." I looked up at him, smiled, then almost literally melted. We got to the entrance and the bouncer nodded letting us in. Music was blasting from the DJ booth and there were drunk collage kids dancing around with solo cups filled to the rim with beer in their hands. Harry tapped on my shoulder asking me if I wanted a drink. I denied it but said thank you anyway. He told me to stay where I was and that he'd be right back as he was grabbing a drink for himself. As I waited my phone buzzed again.

 Bitch, please. You're so controllable. And vulnerable. Should I go on? Stay away. I can see you. -T

Another text threat from Taylor. What a stalker, she probably followed us here! Just then, Harry came back with at least two drinks.

" Hey! Let's go request a song and dance!" Harry took my hand and sprinted up to the DJ booth. He nudged my arm, referring for me to pick a song but I denied once more.

" You pick." I said. 

" Alright, let's play my track, Live While We're Young!" The DJ then nodded his head in agreement and we ran down to the dance floor. 

" You know Ashley, I really like you. Like maybe even love you." Harry told me. I mean I was obviously flattered but Harry was still dating Taylor, and as much as a bitch she was, I wasn't this type of person. But who am I kidding? He's Harry freakin Styles! 

" I really like you too." I blushed. Just then he leaned into me and kissed me so passionately I couldn't take it. I held the groove but then he took my hand and led me away into a dark hallway. 

"Maybe this should be more private." He smirked and kissed me again. 

" Follow me." He exclaimed. I did as I was told and we entered a dark room, looking almost as a hotel room. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist till we fell to the bed. We kept going not until long when he received a text. 


Harry got up and looked at his phone. I don't know what happened but he just changed right then and there.

"Um, I have to go.. Text you tomorrow?" With that, he walked out of the room, leaving me without a ride, without anything to understand what just happened. I ran out through the hallway and out into the street. It was only a 10 minute drive so I couldn't be too far. I took off my heels and began walking to my house, in the cold, wet rain with tears streaming down my face.




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