On The Streets Of New York

Yes, yes. Ashley knows the one and only Harry Styles. They ran into each on New Years Eve in Times Square. Well the thing is, Harry is dating the infamous Taylor Swift, who is a bad girlfriend and gives Ashley death threats through text message! Ashley knows Taylor isn't good for Harry, but Harry isn't good for Ashley either! This is one roller coaster ride in the life of Ashley Brown. This is a page turning, suspense, cliff-hanging story you will not forget! Please give me feedback too! xx


1. New Year, New Resolutions


  "Happy New Year!" 

    Confetti blasted into the air and screams arose from the crowd at Times Square in New York City. I was irritated by all the noise so i shoved through the crowd and made my way to the nearest Starbucks. Oddly enough, it wasn't that busy. I walked into the warm, cozy café, walked up to the counter and ordered my drink as I like it then turned away as i waited for my order to be filled. I took out my phone and noticed a message from my best friend Lucy. 

    Lucy(: - OMG major alert!! One Direction is supposed to be here in New York, Times Square right here right now!! Meet me @ Aero in 15 minutes! xx

    Oh my, here we go again. Lucy and her strange addiction with the new British boy band, One Direction. She is super obsessive with Liam and i'll have to admit that Harry is pretty cute. Not that I would even mention that to her. A bell rang and i walked over to the counter to get my drink as i slipped my IPhone into my peacoat jacket pocket and headed out to Aéropostale to meet Lucy. Everyone was gathered in the streets, screaming out to Taylor Swift preforming and sharing their New Years kisses with their loved ones. I'd have to admit, it would be nice to do that too but I just don't have the time for anyone special right now. It was hard for me to think about this, as though both my parents had passed when I was 10. I lived with my aunt and uncle now in Ravenwood. I was then brought back into reality when I was knocked to the ground by an intriguing figure.

    " I'm so sorry!", a dark voice continued. He took my hand and helped me to my feet.

    " Don't worry about it.", I started to dust the dirt from my jacket when I met his gaze and was stopped in mid-sentence.

   " I was just about to meet my friend-" My jaw dropped.

   " Ello, Love." He smirked and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

   " You- you- you're Harry Styles.." I was in complete shock. Part of me wanted to call Lucy and tell her to get her butt over here, but i couldn't even budge. He chuckled.

  " Well, yes I am. And you are?" I peered away from his glance and noticed four other beautiful guys a few feet behind Harry.

 " A-Ashley." I stammered. 

 " I um, have to go meet my friend at Aéropostale so i better be on my way.." I tried to gather my things from the ground below me and get on my way but my phone buzzed.

    Lucy(: - WHERE R U?! Come on!!

    I replied, Me - Be there soon..xx

 " We'll come with you." He looked at the guys and they nodded in agreement.

" Well, if you insist. Don't you have crazy girls on your chase anyway though? I wouldn't want to be in the middle of that personally." I slung my purse around my shoulder as he put on sunglasses. Okay, odd.

" And that is why we have hats and sunglasses." He pulled up his jacket hood as did the others.

" Sunglasses? In the middle of Winter?" I giggled.

" That's what we do." Harry said.

" Whatever you and your little friends's heart's desire." I rolled my eyes and began to walk to meet Lucy. I think I was actually flirting! That's a first, I thought. With that, we went to meet Lucy.



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