On The Streets Of New York

Yes, yes. Ashley knows the one and only Harry Styles. They ran into each on New Years Eve in Times Square. Well the thing is, Harry is dating the infamous Taylor Swift, who is a bad girlfriend and gives Ashley death threats through text message! Ashley knows Taylor isn't good for Harry, but Harry isn't good for Ashley either! This is one roller coaster ride in the life of Ashley Brown. This is a page turning, suspense, cliff-hanging story you will not forget! Please give me feedback too! xx


3. Just Another Broken Heart

  I still remembered that I had Harry's number and composed a text to him. The news was on in my room and there was an article about Harry and Taylor's off and on relationship. Ugh, and boy did it annoy the crap out of me. I've had a crush on him for the longest time I can remember. When he bumped into me in Times Square. I thought he liked me but instead I soon realized that he was dating the infamous Taylor Swift. Yay. When I came back out of my thoughts, I began to write the text.

  Me - Hey, are you okay? I saw your post on Instagram and you didn't seem too happy... Please write me back or call! xx - Ash

   Harry had posted something about 'not being able to trust anyone anymore' and ' don't know what's happening'. Things like that. I then grew to worry about him and decided to check up on him as I just did now. Within thirty seconds, my phone buzzed and lit up.

 Harry - It's just Taylor.. I don't feel like I know her anymore..

  Well of course it was! I've had enough of the two timing squirrel. And yes, I said squirrel. 

 Me - I should've known! She's all over you one day, then the next she's snogging someone in the corner! But Harry, I have to tell you something...

  I can't believe I was actually going to tell him the truth, what i've been hiding for 3 months. I really like him. Maybe I just shouldn't tell him. Maybe I'll just offer for us to go somewhere, yeah! I'll do that. But just before I could think twice my phone lit up in a response to the message I sent before.

 Harry - Actually.. I have an idea!! Let's go do something! What do you say? xx

  Butterflies flew through my stomach. I was speechless, my mouth was like a black hole. I screamed and danced around. Okay, so maybe I was overreacting just a little.. Okay or maybe a lot! 

 Me - Great idea! I would love too! (: xx


 Harry - How does clubbing sound? xx

 Me - Sounds awesome! I'll be ready @ 9 tonight! xx

 Harry - I'll pick you up then, Love. xx

  Oh my gosh, did he really just call me that?! Lucy will flip! Maybe Lucy and Liam could come too! Harry and the boys moved to New York mostly because Liam and Lucy got together.  I flew over to my closet and pulled the door open. God, did I need a wardrobe check.  But then I found the perfect outfit. It was a purple, wrap, short dress and then at the bottom of my closet was silver, sparkly, strappy heels. Perrffeeeccttt. I squealed. This was going to be amazing! But what I didn't know, was what Harry was hiding that night. Then what came after, struck me like a lightning bolt.


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