Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


7. Valentines


                                                                                            *Chapter Seven*




                          “Hello…” I say confused.

“Hello…Your Casey right? I’m Alex Constancio “He says, holding out his hands, which I gradually took. “Austin will be right back; he’s in the car with Dave.” He says, as I opened the door wider for him to come in. “And Happy Valentine’s day.” He added. Holy shit! It’s Valentine’s Day today.

“Hello, Casey who is this person?” Liam asks, as they all came from his room.

“Well, this is Austin’s friend Alex, and before you ask, Austin is still in the car with Dave.” I pointed out, their mouth forming ‘O’

“Nice to meet you Alex, wh-“Lou was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

I open the door, to find Austin holding a bigger teddy bear, a rose, and a big chocolate. “I know you don’t like me but I still wanted to give you these.” He says shyly, aww he cares. ‘Yeah you’re definitely falling for him’ my brain reminded me.

“Well looky here, He brought you gifts…” Zayn says in ‘awe’. I turn to look at him a smile appearing on both of our faces.

“Thanks Austin, it’s lovely…Happy Valentine’s day; and sorry I didn’t get you anything.” I said.

“It’s okay, really am just glad to spend Valentine’s with you.” Cheeky.

“Casey, we have more gifts for you.” Niall and Harry screamed from the Kitchen.

“Really guys, you really didn’t have to get me anything.” I protest (Jimmy protest) as we all gathered in the playroom.

“It’s okay doll, we wanted too.” Zayn says; a smirk appearing on his lips.

“Don’t ever call me doll again.” I growled, he held his hands out in defense.

“Only you Lou.” I say as holding out the stripe teddy bear. They took a picture of me with all my gifts. I got a heart chocolate from Niall, with a snap back that says ‘Nandos’, Liam gave me a watch, and a shirt that says ‘I Love Liam James Payne’, Harry gave me a flashlight that when you turn it on, on the wall it will show ‘1D’ and Zayn gave a necklace that says my name on it and a ‘Hug’ Most of the things I got from them were custom made.

“Okay, Niall and Harry, your gifts are under the couch.”

“Omg Nandos and a Snap back…Thanks Casey.” Niall screamed, giving me a hug.

“It fit’s, and thanks for the blazers” Harry says attacking me with a bear hug. I got him, a shirt that has the face of cats on it and two black and white blazers.

“Where’s our gift Casey?” Lou whined, I look at my watch. They’re here.

“Your gift will be here in three…two…One.” The door bell rang, making me and Austin running to the door; when our hands touched the door knob, it sent shivers down my body.

“Hey Dani, Perrie, Eleanor.” I say excitedly; as they attack me with hugs.

“Who is at the do-“Liam stopped mid sentence when he saw Dani, making him run into her arms; Lou and Zayn doing the same.

“Wait, how did you get here, wait? Huh.” They tried to process out; but just couldn’t find the right words.

“Thank Casey; we don’t how she manages to get our boss, to let us fly here, but I’m glad she did.” Eleanor says, smiling down at me; as the guys crush me with more hugs.

“Thank you so much Casey, but when you guys did started talking.” Lou asks

“Well, when you bum’s were knocked out on the couch, Liam’s phone rang, I picked it up, so me and Dani talked for about 3 hours getting to know each other, then after that, we went on ooVoo and then she invited the girls to the ooVoo chat and well here we are.” I say really fast, too much sugar.

“Okay then…Thank you again.” The boys say as they attack me with hugs again.

“Okay, guys, I can’t breathe” I say, they quickly let go; before rushing into their rooms with their girl-friends; leaving Me, Alex, Austin, Harry and Niall.

“So what do we do now?” I ask, placing myself next to Austin, who gradually sent me a smile; that made me blush.

“I don’t know about you three, but were going to the club.” Harry says; doing a fists pump.

“What? And you guys didn’t tell Me.?” I ask.

“Sorry, we didn’t think we need permission…Mum” Harry scold, I walk up toward; smacking him, Niall, Austin and Alex dying with laughter.

“Oh my goodness Casey, not the Curls.” He says; slapping my finger away.

“Are you bum’s ready?” Lou shouted; as they walk in the room.

“Omg, goodness you look amazing.” I say

“Why thank you Casey.” Zayn says; fixing his tuxedo

“I wasn’t talking about you guys, I was talking about the girls, idiot.” I say, hugging each girl, as they each whisper a ‘thank you’

“Wow don’t I feel loved.” Zayn replies chuckling. They waited for Harry and Niall to get ready before leaving.

“So what do you guys want to do?”

“I don’t know about you two, but I’ve got to get going; Sophie is back in town”

“Who is Sophie?” I ask, looking at Alex and Austin.

“My girl-friend.” He says, blushing lightly.

“Ohhh, bye Alex, seeing you soon.” I say, waving to him as he walks out to the street.

“Bye Casey and yes very soon.” He waves. I turn around my lips, smashing onto Austin’s. As soon as I felt his lips on mine, I kissed back, two times as aggressive, my hands running through his hair, as his hands, snake around my waist; the kiss lasted for about 4 minutes. We pulled apart breathlessly; but our foreheads still together. We stared at each other.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“I stopped him, smashing my lips unto his, doing the same thing.

“It’s fine; I’ve kind of been waiting for you to that.” I say, biting my bottom lips. He smile cheekily at me; I returned the smile.

“I’ve been waiting to do that too you to… Since today is Valentines, will you do me the honors and become my girl-friend for real this time?” I didn’t see that coming.

“I don’t Know Austin, my feelings for you are really strong, I’m still trying to confuse myself that I still hate you…But now I don’t; but am still kind of confused.” I confessed.

“Remember what I said to you, when we first met?” I nod “Yeah, well am still holding on to that promise, I’m falling in-love with you, and could just at least give us a try?” He pleads; our heads, still together; his breath tingling on my lips.

“Yes…What can go wrong right?” I ask; smiling up at him; I guess he really did made me fall for him. He smashed lips onto mine again; the sparks flying once again.

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