Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


11. Unknown Number





Smooth talkin', so rockin'

She's got everything that a boy's wantin'

She's a cutie, she plays it groovy

And I can't keep myself from doin' somethin' stupid

Think I'm really fallin' for her smile Yeah,

butterflies when she says my name Hey!
She's got somethin' special

She's got somethin' special

And when she's lookin' at me I wanna get all sentimental

She's got somethin' special

She's got somethin' special I can hardly breathe somethin's tellin' me Tellin' me maybe she could be the one"

         I watch as Austin sings; apparently he showed up, at my first concert when he's not suppose too. He kept walking around me, making me turn around a few times. Another week as gone by, am finally doing a concert, and finally getting over him. Who am i kidding am in-love with him, even if i try to deny it; he's done everything he can to get me back, but i keep telling him I need time, and he always says am not giving on you, which i found amusing that he wasn't giving up, Meaning he truly does Love Me. To be honest I've been miserable without him, and the boys always try to get us alone, but I ended up running away. It's cute that they care so much for me; I've even gotten My best-friends back home, and school mate's telling me to take him back, but I just want him to prove himself to him, that he actually cares.


"She could be the one,

She could be the one

She could be the one,

She could be the one

Se could be the one"    He finishes, starring deeply into my watery eyes. A tear made it down my cheeks; and he quickly wiped it away, the audience 'awing' at us.

"Casey Marie Jones, am deeply and truthfully sorry for being the douche bag I was, for hurting your feelings when i promise i wouldn't; I broke your heart, when I said I was going to mend it, Am so sorry for all the tears and trouble I've cause you, I don't want to loose the best thing that's has came into my life, you've taking me to another world that i don't want to be taken away from, a world with just us two, My heart belongs to you and only you, Please Casey give me another chance to make it up to you, I'll spend all my life to get you to trust me again, if that's the case, I love you and am sorry that i let my stupid feelings and hate take over my body, please take me back; I can't do it without you, I need You."

I was full on crying; all he said just made me melt into his arms, the fact that he had the gut to tell the whole word this, just made it hard not to forgive him. There was no words needed after his long speech, I pulled him for a kiss, all the sound that were going off disappeared, It was just us, the sparks that we had, the moment we met, came back; well technically it never went away. I miss his touch, lips and kiss, he was a big part of my life, even if he did hurt me, we've been kissing for three minutes now, we both pulled away slowly, my tear stained his, while his stained mine. I Couldn't believe he was crying, which made me ball into tears again, he was my world and hero no matter what.

"So does this mean you forgive me?" He inquires starring at me through his watery eyes; the crowd began to chant 'Say Yes' , I look at the massive crowd, before looking at the boys and their girl-friends who were backstage, they all had were nodding their heads, or either giving a thumbs up; suddenly Niall grabbed the microphone from a man; before he began to chant 'Say Yes' causing the crowd to cheer even louder than before. I looked at Austin, who was still starring at me deeply, looking nervously at me. A smile began to form upon my lips; before breathing out the word.

"Yes." As soon as they left my mouth, he picked me up; spinning me around, as my laugh were over the roof. The crowd were cheering so loud, that i can't even hear myself think. He put me down, before grabbing my face once again, his lip immediately found mine, my hands snake around his neck, as his tighten around my waist, pulling me closer. The boys and their girl-friends came on stage clapping and cheering us on, the crowd going absolutely wild. I smile as the boys look at Austin with a serious face, that could make you run away in seconds.

"Make her miserable like you did; and you would not be able to walk for the next year." Zayn growls, before they pulled him in a hug, the girls and I were laughing. Everything was back to normal, I was now spilling down, tear of happiness. He's Back; and He's mine again, hopefully it will stay like that.

"I promise I won't..." He respond; earning a pat on the shoulder; we were still on stage, cause the sound of the crowd, made us snap back to reality.

"We will be back; gotta have a short break aye?" Though i wasn't trying to be funny, the crowd laugh; before we all piled off the stage, Austin's hand around my waist the whole time, like I was going to fall or something. "Am not going anywhere babe..." I whisper kissing his cheek, causing a shade of red to form on his cheeks.

"Am glad to have you back, safe in my arms where you belong..." He kisses my hair, as we all gathered in my dressing room. "Am sorry for putting you through all that mess..." Again he place kisses in my hair, then my cheek; before placing his on my lips.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore, your back with me and that's all that matters..." I stroke his cheeks, before someone walked through the door; interrupting all our conversations.

"Casey, you have to be on stage in a minute..." Paul says smiling at me. "Oh and welcome back Austin." He smiles at him, before walking out the door, I left the boys, Austin and the girls in my dressing room, before walking out the door, my phone beeped. I took it out of my pocket, the text made me scared.

From: Unknown Number

x You don't know how to stay away from someone's man do you; you little cunt? Have fun while it last bitch, cause your ass is going to be out before you know it. x

      Who the hell is this now? Who is out to get me? The questions kept strolling through my head, during my whole performances; I was shaking and Nervous, but at the same time I manage to make the best of it without anyone knowing, but of course the Paul had to be more observant, he kept mouthing are you okay? Whenever i look his way, even though I keep mouthing I'm fine, he look like he didn't buy it? This is just too much for me, but one thing for sure I've gotta fight.

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