Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


12. Nominated




         I read the text over and over again. Who on earth is out to get me? Everyone was talking, oblivious to the fact that am scared out of my mind. I looked out the window; looking if any one was watching us, but nothing...I sigh before sitting back down with the boys; pretending to join the conversation.

"Are you alright love?" Liam whisper, looking at me with concern. I put on my best smile, nodding my head. He sigh; before nudging his head. I furrowed my eyebrows; but he just pulled me up. "We'll be right back..." He said to everyone; who were had the same confuse expression as i did. He dragged me to the kitchen; looking outside of it, before closing it. "Tell me now..." He demanded; which made my eyebrows pop up.

"What do you mean?" I ask; sitting myself on the stool. He sigh; before coming towards me.

"I Mean, during the concert and till now; you've been acting strange, so what's wrong?" I sigh; there was no getting out of this with Liam, I swear he's like a mind reader. I pull out my phone; showing him the anonymous text. His eyebrows rose up; looking at me with concern.  "Who do you think it is?" He ask; I shrugged my shoulders, he sigh handing me my phone. "Don't let that get to you, don't worry am here, and I'll help you." He reassures me, smiling at me, I return the gesture. Just when we about to leave the Kitchen, my phone rang. I looked up at Liam, who was looking up at me. He came to my side; as we both read the text.

X You don't know how to fight your own battles do you? Need little Liam to help you? Just what i thought; your nothing but a softie; Good-Luck trying to find out who this is; this is only just the beginning....Leave Austin alone, and this problem will be solve forever.X

I looked at Liam, Tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. Liam tighten his arms around me. "Why are they doing this?" I crooked, Liam sighs, settling me down on the stool.

"Their jealous love, and plus your dating there 'Boyfriend'..." He air quotes, a smile made it to my lips "But it's probably a fan, trying to scare you..." He adds; but i shook my head.

"What if it's not?" Even saying that, made me ache. He looked up at me; kissing my forehead.

"We have to think positive, negativity will only bring us down, and don't worry you'll always have us right? And Paul..." I smile; nodding my head before hugging him. "Now let's go back, before they start to think something...Different." I laugh; before standing up.

"Thanks Li, I love you." He smiles, kissing my forehead.

"And I Love you too young one..." I rolled my eyes; walking into the room; pairs of eyes burning into ours.

"Are you okay now?" Niall ask; concern written all over his face. I smiled, giving a thumbs up. Even though am not okay, I try to fake it. Am not trying to let them worry about me again; it's too much to think about. Just like Li said Negativity will only bring us down. I turn my full attention onto the group of boys, telling their story of their past tour. Austin's hands wrapped around my waist; my face buried in the crook of his neck. It's so good to have him back, the scent of his expensive perfume, filled my nose. I played with the loose end of his hair, the vibration of his laughter causing me to smile.


                                                                                        * * *

"Casey get you butt up..." A voice screamed; I grabbed the blankets; pulling it over my head. What the fuck could they possibly want from me? I mean; am a girl trying to get her beauty sleep. My eyes were slowly shutting, but feet shuffling and jumping made me jabbed up.

"What the Hell is wrong with you all?" I screamed; rubbing my eyelids. Niall, Harry, Dani, Perrie and Eleanor; were standing in-front of me; a devious smile playing on their lips. They all look at each other; before looking at me. "What are you guys going to d--" I didn't get to finish; Pairs of hands were surrounding my body; laughter escaping my mouth. I probably looked like a serial killer, but i couldn't care; I was laughing for real, in a long time. "O-Okay Plea-Please S-Stop..." I cried out; they tickle me once again; leaving me breathless. "You guys are so mean.... I dislike you." Hate is a strong word, so i don't like to use it.

"We love you too.." They chorused; before walking out of my room. Those bitches! I grabbed my phone from the night stand. 2 Un-Read Messages 

One was from Austin and the other from the anonymous person. I sighed checking the anonymous.

X Wakey Wakey , Rise and Shine Bitch! I see you not ready to give up? Don't worry I like a challenge, but am telling you for your sake, this is a bumpy ride; you don't want to take, there's always that offer. X

What the hell? I ruffled my hair; thinking before checking Austin's message.

X Hey babe, sorry for waking you up, but I just wanted to say 'I Love you and I Miss You' Can't wait to see you tonight....Congrats; today is your first award show, Am wishing you a Good-Luck, even though am going with you :D, Love you xoxo  X

I smiled reading his text. Wait what? No one told me about an award show! "Who cares?'  My Conscience shot; and I smile. Seriously who cares, am nominated for an award? I need to go shopping.

"Eleanor, Dani, Perrie..." I yelled; running down the stairs; they were all sprawled on the sofa with the legs on their boyfriends. They look up when i stopped in-front of them.

"What sweetie?" Perrie ask; taking her legs away from Zayn's lap.

"Mhmm so i was thinking we should go shopping because well, I'm nominated for a music award; but my friends didn't even tell me, so that's what?" I reply sarcastically; they were wide eye; which made me laugh.

"Oh my goodness, I knew we forgot something..." Dani spoke; jabbing her hands towards me. They came hurled around me; apologizing. Payback is a bitch! Time to get my acting skills on.

"No don't talk to me, I can't believe the biggest night of my life and you didn't think to tell me? How could you?" I bellowed; letting a few tears slip. Their faces turned from shocked to sadness; this is too fun!

"Were so sorry, we didn't mean too--" They began; my devious smile started to appear through my fake tears; making them stop. "You played us..." Harry growls; and I busted into laughter.

"Payback is a bitch..." I stuck my tongue out; and they were mumbling. "No but seriously, can we go shopping; I'm finally going to wear something Girly..." I made a disgusted faces; the boys letting out a snicker.

"Yes, Finally..." Eleanor says, I gave her the 'What the fuck are you trying to say?' Look. "No no; I mean; you have a nice body, and nice legs; and tonight your finally going to show them." Oh! Now i felt stupid for giving her that face, but then again i thought that she was trying to insult me... I shrugged before skipping around; singing.

"I'm going to get all preddy up, am going to look like a runway model, yeahhh am going shopping for a cute dress and some shoes oh yeahhhh...." I sang into the laughing boys faces. Dani, grabbed my hand; making me pout! I could have made a record out that.

"You Missy need to go get ready....Now!" She ordered; I slouched; my head hanging down low, as i began to ascend up the stairs.

"Yes mother...." I smile; before running up the stairs. Let's get to work

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