Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


4. News

*Chapter Four*






“Hijo de puta “

“What?” Harry says; I look to Niall and we busted out laughing.

“What does that mean?” He whined again. I whisper it to Liam and Zayn; and they soon busted out laughing.

“Oh poor Harry…” Next time don’t mess with me; you curly haired freak.

“Yeah, yeah.” He says and I started to laugh more.

“Okay; I’m back” Simon announced, he’s been in and out of the room; he told me to sing with each and every one of the voices to see how we sound; which I say is pretty good.

“Okay; so ladies and.Boys-“That was it for me; my laugh was louder than ever; I look at the boys and they had pouty faces. “You start tour again in March second-“

“That’s my birthday” I interrupted him; doing a little fist pump.

“Really?” Simon says, and I nod vigorously.

“Ohhh; were so throwing you the best birthday ever” Zayn says; high fiving each other.

“Oh; that means you have people cheer you on stage; when you’re on tour with the boys; before you actually start you own songs” Simon says; and my eyes widen. I’ve heard him say it already; but every time he says it again; it’s like the first time I’ve heard it. “Okay; you can all leave now; if I have anything else to tell you I’ll call you okay?” He says; and we began to walk away; but Simon told me to wait.

“Yes Simon?” I ask skeptical.

“So to get you notice even more; I’ve order you to start dating ‘Austin Mahone’ a new pop singer; his manager and I think it’s a great idea for you both.” He says casually; at first I thought the idea was great; but then he said his name.

“No no no! Simon; please I don’t want to be with him; can’t you pick another singing boy. Like Cody Simpson; Greyson chance or something?”

“Am sorry; but I’ve made my mind up; you’ll thank me one day” He says before getting off his chair. “And don’t forget to make it believable for the press; and he’ll come to the flat your staying with the boys and come pick you up for a fun day at 5:00 today”

“What?” I yelled; what the hell is happening?

“Yeah; so hurry up back home; so you can get ready.” He says; walking me out the door. I nodded. I’ve to meet this guy in an hour; the guy I totally hate and despised? Why?

 I Storm into the Limo; sighing a heavily breathe.

“What’s wrong Casey?”

“Nothing “ I spattered; the ride home was dead silent; no one made any noise; well except for when the guys glance at me and I give them cold shoulders.

           When we finally arrived at the flat; before they could all get out; I stormed out; running to the door; I shuffle through the front porch.

“Got it” I yelled; putting the key in the key hole; turning it and storming inside; not bothered to close the door.

“Why? Why do I have to go to a stupid date with him? Out of all the entire boy superstar in the world; he picked him? Ughh I just want to punch someone.” I yelled; frustrated.

“Casey; what’s wrong? Are you okay? And who are you talking about?” Niall asked me; after they all walked in the room.

“Simon, Management and His Management want me and him to like be a couple for publicity.”

“Who?” Zayn asked next.

“Austin. Austin Freaking Mahone; that’s who” I yelled; running my hand through my hair.

I heard the boys start to chuckle. “That’s why you’re mad?” Lou asked; eating a carrot. Where the hell did he get a carrot?

“Yes” I yelled flinging my hand in the air; their laughter became louder and I looked at them.

“I don’t like him…In fact I despised him” I yelled louder; they stop laughing; but you could see a smirk playing on their lips.

“Do you even know the kid?” Liam asks; here we go with Mr. Philosophy.

“No… but guys like him are so. Ugh” I screamed; but it came out as more of being constipated 

“You use to think us were.Ughh, but now you’re warming up to us.” Lou says

“Who says I was warming up to you guys?” I ask and their faces fell. “Guys I was kidding, and plus you guys are different; he’s just an egoistic maniac” I yelled.

“Just give the poor lad, a chance; you never know, you could start liking him.” Niall says.

“Take that back” I yelled and they just laugh.

“Ugh, you guys are supposed to make me feel better; not worse.” I yelled.

“Were trying; but your hard headed.” Harry says, of course he has to say that.

“Thanks. Thanks a lot Harry.” I say; before storming up the stairs.

“Were you going?” Liam Yelled.

“To go get ready for my stupid date” I yelled; Okay Simon wants real, he’s going to get real. This should be a fun experience.

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