Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


8. Intrerview



       For the past week, I've been in the studio, already recorded at least three songs, Photo shoots and going on a date with Austin.

"Casey, come on we've got an interview in 20 minutes, will you hurry up." Screamed Louis, I was still deciding on which top to pick, usually i just take a bunch of clothes putting them on me, but now that am on my way to being Famous; I've got to look my best.

"Am coming Lou..." I yelled back, picking the Light dark blue top, scurrying down to meet the guys.

"You Look so Cute..." Cooed Zayn sarcastically, I rolled my eyes, a smile appearing on their lips.

"I think we all know who she dressed like that for." Harry says, making the boys laugh, and receiving a glare from me.

"Remind me, if they ask who i hate the most... Remind me to Mention your name." I Mention to Harry, earning a round of 'Oooh's' from the guys. We all shuffle into the Limo, me and Harry pushing each other, eventually I won.

"Your such a Looser Harry." I teased; he pouted, making me laugh. The whole ride to the interview, consisted of me and Harry arguing and Niall and I teaching the boys Spanish.

"Were here Buddy.." I screamed; racing out the car, before any of them could. I jump on Paul's back, feeling the vibration of laughter.

"Why you laughing?" I asked, as he began to walk towards the studio, a crowd of girls and some boys covering the studio, shouting the boys names.

"Your just so bubbly..." He laughed once more, soon enough i joined him.

"Well it is my first interview" I exclaimed

"Usually some people get nervous, but your just way too excited." He laughs again.

"I was a little nervous, but the boys told me it was going to go okay, also i had the support of Austin and My Friends and Family back home." I say, as we make our way into the studio.

"Oh, that's really nice of them, and remember am here for you as well..." He says putting him down, I hugged him after.

"Thanks Paul, and I know." I say, pulling out of the hug, he smiled at me, before walking the opposite way.

"Oh there you are, Casey, we thought we lost you..." Liam sighs

"Well here I am..." I say bubbly, pulling away from his embrace.

"Are You ready?" I gave him a smile...

        "Hey Everybody and welcome to 'The Ellen Show' , Tonight we have a special guest for you today, One Direction and Casey Jones are in the house..." A round of applause covered the room. "But first, I've been meaning to share this with you, My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. ” Laughter and Clapping erupted the room as we waited backstage. "I Also think they should have a Barbie with a buzz cut, i think it will make kids a-lot happier" Another Laughter and claps filled the room..."Okay enough talking let's get One Direction and Casey Jones up here." We all ran on stage, as the audience clap and cheered. "It's good to have you guys on the show" She smiles bubbly at us.

"It's good to be here..." We all chorused.

"Do you all answer together or what.?" She asked, and we laughed.

"I guess." We all chorused again. Ellen looked at the audience with a straight face, making us laugh.

"Do You also answer in two words."

"No, not really, we could use one or three words too." Ellen laugh at my dry joke. This is going pretty good.

"Okay, moving on to the question.." She laughs. "How is the tour going?, I heard that Casey made poor Nialler Starved for two-minutes." We all busted into fits of laughter.

"We had too, he won't stop hogging the food..." I say between laughs.

"So the solution was to make him starve for...Two minutes?" She ask dumbfounded and we began to crack up.

"We would have went longer, if Liam here didn't tell him were we hid the food..." Lou exclaimed between laughs.

"Ah i see, boys how is it touring with Casey? "

"It's awful, we hate her..." Harry says... "Nah! were kidding, she's fun to be around actually, we get along really well with her." He says smiling at me.

"Fun? I'm sure she is.." Ellen says, making my eyes widen.

"Oh, gross not like that, Harry is a really good looking guy and all; but these boys are more of my brothers." I say quickly, Ellen laughing at my reaction.

"Aww thanks for calling Hot babes." Harry says giving me a side hug, i whacked his hands away, the audience and the boys laughing at us.

"Who lie to you?" I say and the boys once again began 'Ohhhss', Harry glaring at me.

"I like this girl..." Ellen says, high fiving me. "So Casey when are you going to drop your first album?"

"Am not allowed to say, but its pretty soon." I say running a finger through my hair.

"Any thing, you want people to know about your songs?" She ask

"Ah well these songs are, uh more mature songs, Simon thinks that voice isn't a small voice like other singers, its more unique and big, but its also songs you can dance too, their also fast, and also some rapping in them.." I say excitedly, a cheer broke out.

"Really, never really heard Simon say such thing, he's more of a grumpy man 'Me want cookies'" She says making us laugh.. "I'm just kidding Simon...But you rap, there's a fact we never really Knew...Any special guest going to be featured on these songs."

"Yes actually"

"Will you please tells us who?"

"I'm only allowed to say two" I say smiling widely

"Really, who, i want to know" She says childishly

"These Five idiotas, and Justin Bieber..." I say, and the audience broke into more cheers.

"You are one Lucky girl aren't you.?"

"Yeah, i guess I am..It's really awesome that my life has changed in a very unexpectedness good way."

"Yeah its a good feeling, isn't it and what about your little boy-friend, Austin Mahone is it?" I nodded.

"He's a really good guy, were taking it a step at a time though"

"Have you been receiving alot of Hate, lately?" She ask, seriously

"I have, but the boys have helped me get through it, though its hard but am coping." I smiled sadly at her, while the boys began to laugh.

"What's so funny boys.?" Ellen ask smiling at them.

"You should have seen her, instead of crying, she was getting mad about how stupid it is for them to be mad at her for being Happy." Liam explained, as the whole studio burst into laughter.

"Is that right?, Feisty.." Ellen says making some type of noise causing us to laugh more.

"I guess you can say that, but I'm speaking the truth, I find it stupid for them to get mad, am pretty sure if they were in my position right now, they would probably feel the same way i do." I explained and the crowd cheered.

"You've got that right..." Ellen added, and I smiled "But soon you'll be swum with boys and girls screaming your name, and getting jealous of the boys spending time with you as well..." I laugh.

"True, but, it'll probably get annoying, just last week, Me, Niall and Austin went shopping, and when they recognize, the girls were screaming at the top of their lungs, they didn't even need mega-phone or a microphone." I explain, the crowd dying with laughter.

"I've been there, as well...But the best thing is to....RUN" she screamed and i began to laugh.

"I'll keep that in mind, next time." I winked.

"Okay so boys, I was listening to your song 'Little things' and must I say, its a very lay back, original song." The boys smiled and thank her. "Okay so we have a game for you to play, come with me this way..." We all got up and followed her onto the middle of the stage; were like a game show panel is. "Okay the game is called 'Guess the Next Line of the lyrics' , We will play you a song from famous people and the first person to buzz their buzzer will answer it, the winner with the most guess will be winning this '50 dollars Gift Card' to the cheese-cake factory." She says, and we all cheered. "Okay so here we go." She says as the song 'Live while were young' came on, the boys began to laugh, while my face became serious, I love Competing and Cheese Cake. The Lyrics stop, I quickly pressed my buzzer.

"Yeah, we'll be doing what we do"  I sang.

"Correct...Dang its a shame Zayn, you don't even Known your own part." Ellen says making us all burst into laughter.

"Hey I knew it, she was just too quick" He defended himself.

"Sure..." Ellen says stretching the 'E' "Next Song." This went on for 12 more minutes, Lou and I Were both tied. It's finally the last round, am going to win this... "Okay since its the final round, this time you have to sing the whole line of the lyrics." She added... The song came on and i quickly knew the song...One of my favorite songs. The song stopped. I buzz my buzzer, really hard, making me winch. Jeez.

“You have got this hold on me, don’t wanna be set free.
So keep me safe and sound right here with you.”  I sang out, and a round of applause, as confetti and balloons fell on-top of us.

"Congratulations here's your gift card..." She handed me the card and i shove it onto Niall's face, he pouted. "That was alot of fun, you are really competitive aren't you?" I nodded really fast, as well as the guys.... "Well it was fun meeting you guys, hope to see you in the future...Here is One Direction Singing 'They Don't Know About us', Take us away." Ellen says, as they hurried to the platform, while me and Ellen from the side of the stage, jamming out to the song... Soon enough the song ended and the crowds went wild... "It was a pleasure having the boys and Casey on the show, its great being here, Goodnight we'll see you Next week, with special guest Rosie and Sophia, with Musical Guest Justin Bieber...Goodnight everybody." She says, before we were off the air.

   "Ah! That was a great show guys, it was an honor having you on the Show...Casey here's my number, I'll really like to get to know you more..." She handed me a piece of paper and my heart rate picked up.

"Thank You so much..." I say excitedly; hugging her. "Sorry.." I mumbled

"It's okay darling...well I've got to get going, see you soon." She says, I nodded before leaving.

"Om-ghee, i just got Ellen DeGeneres Number..." I screeched as the boys laugh at me.

"Why you fangirling for, she's just Ellen..." Niall says coolly

"Easy for you to say..." I laughed, rolling my eyes, as we all headed outside, to greeted by screaming fans. This is one heck of a Day.


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