Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


2. History?

   *Chapter Two*

We make our way into History as the boys began to jump around singing. ‘Were here in Casey’s classroom, going to get her education on,yeahh ohhh she’s going to learn about all types of Historical things and were here to observe; ohhhhhh’ They sang that until our teacher cleared his throat. My Friends and I were laughing at their stupidity; while Cher was trying to calm them down.

“Okay settles down kids; since we have some famous people.And soon to be famous-“I Felt Zayn nudge me making me smile. “Instead of starting a new topic were going to play jeopardy; but it’s going to include what you’ve learned these past months.” He says making everyone Jump like Five year old, including the boys.

“Are we the normal’s one here?” I whisper to Cher; She Smiled and Nod. Well Then.

“I want you guys to be in groups of five… as soon as you find your groups, I’ll give you the second part of this game.” Mr. Smith says. Everyone began to shuffle around, trying to find a partner, I watch as the boys in my class all went over to Cher and the girls to One Direction. They shot me a ‘Help us’ look. I sighed before walking to them.

“If you bitches don’t get away from them now; I will personally come and drag you away.’’ I threaten. Personally I would do such a thing. I watch as they all scatter away mumbling a few swear words. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re welcome by the way.” I say to the boys as their eyes widen at what I did.

“Okay .So who’s in which group?” Liam asks clapping his hands together.

“Us girls and you boys.” Cece says and the boys face fell.

“Are you afraid of us or something?” Niall complained. I Raise and Eyebrow.

“No, but it seems more fair and plus you boys don’t know anything about History.” I say; trying to start trouble.

“Is that a challenge I smell?” Zayn says, tucking his hands under the other.

“I Believe so Mr. Malik.” Becca says; eying him suspicious.

“Then let the games begin ladies.” Harry adds; winking at us.

Us girls made our way to our seat as we all waited for the teacher to explain the second part.

“So each group has only three life lines.Those three life lines mean that if you don’t know the answer your teammates may help you, you cannot not use your notes..Mrs. Casey.”

“Why you gotta put me on the spot like that Mr. Smith?” I say seriously.

“Anyways whoever wins the game will be giving this McDonald gift card, each one of your teammates.” He says and my eyes widen. I love food. “So let the games began…Oh and one more thing, one person from each group will have to come up and take a sit in these four chairs and the boards and marker on it is where you will write your answers.. Do not let anyone see your answers, and you do have a chance to steal. Got it good.”  

“So first question is Did Abraham Lincoln ever own slaves?” Mr. Smith asks. I Walked to The four seats; picking up the board and marker.

“You’ve got this Casey.” The girls yelled and hollered. I wrote my answer; waiting for the rest of the people to finish.

“Okay I’ll come around and see your answer if I say your correct; Tj is going to give you a point.” He says and we Nod.

“Casey’s group get’s a point.The right answer is No.” I walked back to my group; giving them all high-five’s, like the boys were doing. It’s only just the beginning; I will win that gift card. We’ve been playing for 30 minutes and were leading every group by six; and the last question is about to be given.

“Come on Casey you’ve got this.We believe in you.” The girls yelled and I laugh.

“Shut up were trying to listen to Mr. Smith here.” Louis Yelled; we rolled our eyes.

“Don’t be mad that were about to kick your ass Harry.” I Exclaimed.

“Oh please, were letting you win” He shot back.

“Oh really or are you being a sore loser; you don’t want your fans to know that you guys lost to a fourteen year old girl.” I scolded back; as the class began with ‘oohs’. Yeah that shut him right up. I Blew him a kiss; and the boys laugh.

“Okay, so now that’s over.The Last question is worth 10 points. What kind of gun was used to kill Lincoln?” He ask, oh come on, I Know this.I got it. I scribble down my answer, hoping its right. I look to my right to see Niall smirking down at me. Idiot.

He went down the line; as he pointed the right and wrong ones and when he came to Niall, he gave him a high five. So he got the answer. Fuck!  ‘For a fourteen year old you sure swear a lot’ I rolled my eyes at my stupid; conscience.

“A small muzzle-loading derringer pistol which measured only six inches in length” Was My answer. ‘Oh please don’t let me down now conscience’ I beg.

“Looks like you’ve won the game Mrs. Parker.” Yes I Won; I Jump of my seat; dancing around, screaming ‘I won’ to the boys face; high fiving everyone. ‘Casey Marie Jones Just Won This Game Bitches’

“Here is your gift cards guys, congratulation” Mr. Smith says; for a moment I actually think we connected. How Awkward.

“So how does it feel to lose to us fourteen year old girls?” Destiny fired at the boys.

“We can tell you it’s not something that happens every day, but you did won fair and square..So congratulations girls” Liam says, pulling us in a hug. Always the sensitive one.


“Literary Arts We Go.” I yelled, running inside the classroom; which isn’t far.

“Is Mrs. Perry here today?” I Ask Isaac

“No, were going to watch a movie or just least that’s what the substitute said.” He shrugged. He hugs us and we introduce him to the boys and Cher. He went absolutely nuts when he saw her; which made us laugh.

“Okay class, I’ll give you a option it’s either you watch a movie or you talk; cause your teacher never left any work for you.” She says, sounding like she didn’t care at all. Who would blame her?

“Talk” We all said simultaneously. We began to talk.

“Cece why are you all of a sudden quiet. In fact why are all you girls quiet?”

“Because Casey were all going to miss you when you’re gone...We really want you to follow your dreams, but were afraid you’ll forget us, and all.” I look at all of them a tear streaming down my face; I turn to the boys, they were all in lovey dovey mode.

“Guys..I can never ever forget you guys, you’re my sister, and being gone will break my heart too; but we will always call, Skype, ooVoo, call, email and so on..And I can always come here for a break; okay guys, please don’t cry; your making me cry and you know how much I hate crying.” I Say and they laugh threw their tears.

“Yeah we know. Group hug?” Keera says stretching her arms out.

“Aww look at them, you kids are so cute.” The boys beamed. I swear they act so gay. Ha-ha.

“Shut up.” Aaron yelled at them.

“Omg will you sign my notebook.” A blond-is girl asks the boys as the line of girls were growing. They shot us an apologetic look. The whole period consisted of Cher and the boys signing auto graphs; they look so tired. ‘That’s going to be you soon’ My conscience said. That is true; My life just begun to take a turn.

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