Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


10. Heart Breaks


                                                                                Heart Breaks


   It's been four weeks. Since My birthday, the fight I had with Austin, four weeks of ignoring him and four weeks of

studio time. All in that week, I've been depress, the girls brought me out for shopping, but it just wasn't me. Don't

get me wrong I love these girls and they know it, but i feel like my brain is just clogged.

     "Hey Casey..." Simon says, as I walk into Rehearsal, were L.A, Justin and Him were standing.

"Hey Simon...L.A and Justin" I says, as i gave them each lazily hug.

"Why is my little Casey so sad?" Justin ask, causing me to roll my eyes. The last weeks, I've been working with him,

we've gotten along really well, and well he calls me his 'Little Sis' and I call Him 'Big Brother'. He knows the

situation with Austin, but he just like to tease me with it, even though I should be mad, when he Or the boys do it, i

just couldn't. It's hard staying mad at them. A tear stroke down my cheek, and he responded by wrapping his arms

around me. "Sorry, didn't mean for it." He apologize, as Simon and L.A stood there awkwardly.

"Casey, if you're not feeling okay, we can always re-schedule the video shoot." L.A says, and Justin nodded for me. My

head was still on his chest, as we walked to his car; it was then i began to cry more.

"Why does it hurt Justin?" I sob, my cheeks now redden.

"I don't know, but it would help if you told me what happen...Remember no secrets." I nodded, getting myself together.

"It started the day of My birthday....-" I began.

        "After the whole fake surprise, but then eventually getting a real surprise. Meaning seeing you, my family and friends.

The girl me, The boys and Austin encounter showed up, she was wearing a dress that only covered midway of her ass,

which made her look like a prostitute, she came over to me and Austin; just when he was about to kiss me. "Hey Austin,

looking smoking as always." She flirted, completing acting like i wasn't next to her. Austin first smile, then she started a

conversation with him, and they both completely forgot i was even their in the first place. Thirty minutes of the girl flirting

with Austin, also Thirty minutes of him being oblivious to it, I walked over to My friends, who were all over the place

talking to Celebrities, but I saw Adam, i wonder why they brought him in the first place, but then again, he was My guy

friend and we did have a 'Thing' before . I started to talk to him, when Austin came over, interrupting our conversation.

"Casey come on why did you leave?" He growled, as he glared at Adam. "Why should i come stay with you, when all your

doing is talking to that slut over there, did you forget what you said yesterday? About ignoring her?...Yeah I thought so" I

yelled. "Casey come on stop being a brat..." He called, and i got mad...He was acting so different all of a sudden, this

wasn't the same Austin am falling for. "Are you drunk or something?" I growled, his eyes were a bit red. "Babe, please am

sorry." He whines, i mentally rolled my eyes, then The girl came over, she looked at me,she mouthed "He's Mine" before

a smirk played upon her lips, anger build inside of me, which cause my hands to fly across her face. "What the hell

Casey? What the fuck as gotten into you?" Austin yells, his nostril were flaring. It stunned me that he was defending her.  

"You're defending her? Why you so oblivious that she's flirting with you to make me jealous, did you actually forget that

I'm you're girlfriend?" I screamed, My friends, Adam, The Girls and the boys attention were now on us. "Casey that's not

true, she's the one crying, why should i believe you when i just saw you slap her across the face for no reason." I couldn't

the guy that told me he loves me just yesterday, was defending his trashy of an ex-girlfriend. "Wow, Austin, you know what

were done, don't call me, text me or even come looking for me, and i actually thought i was going to say 'I Love You' to

you, but clearly you'll rather have your ex-tramp; than trust your own Girl-Friend, well now ex-girlfriend..." I screamed

through my tears, my hands travel up to the chain, he had gave me, I yanked it off, throwing it in-front of him. "You can

have your shit back, clearly you don't love me, like i love you..." That was the last thing I said, before running away from

the arena. I don't know what happen next, cause i found myself in my room, the next day.

         I explain to Justin, through my shaken tears, he wrapped his hands around me, stroking my back. "Justin and you

know the worst part, I found out he made out with her, after i was gone." I sob even more, but a part of me didn't

care about any of what he did, it just cares about him. Which Makes me even more angry, for me to love him after all

the shit, he put me through. "It's all over the news, magazines and on the internet...It's hard, and I feel like, if i even

see him, i might just run up to him and forgive him...I don't want to do that, I want him to feel the pain am feeling." I

sobbed harder.

"Casey am pretty sure he's going through alot too, maybe even more than you, I know what he did was stupid and

un-called for, but if you feel that way, that's because you 'LOVE HIM', meaning he's worth fighting for, and am sure

he feels the same way...You're going to have to talk to him, no matter how hard you try to avoid him, he might or might

not have a reason for how he acted, but there's a feeling, I have he did it because it might have something to do with

you..." He pause, stroking my hair. "Am not saying to forgive him, am just saying give yourself a chance to relax to all

this situation even more okay?" He ask and i nodded, there was nothing to say to that, he started the car, before

turning the corner, the next thing i remember before shutting my eyes, was Justin stopping at a red light.

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