Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


3. Goodbye

                                               *Chapter Three*



School’s over. Which means I’ve to get straight to the meeting with Simon? I Sigh Heavily.

I Stood in front of a big Limo; people gathered around it, as they took pictures of the boys.

“I guess this is it.Well besides the last two weeks I have left.” I say to my friends, a tear slipping down my face. We all form a big group hug; just telling each other ‘Not to forget the other’ And why would I? There the sisters who put up with my crazy shit.

“Come on Casey; Simon is waiting.” I hear Zayn say. The boys gave the girls a long hug and so did Cher.

I Got in the limo; sitting between Niall and Cher. I rolled down the window; waving once a goodbye, as the limo started to move.

“Are you okay love?” Harry asks; poking my cheeks. I swap his arms away.

“Does it look like I’m okay Harold? I’m glad I have the opportunity to follow my dreams; but leaving my friends all behind is harder than I thought.” I exclaimed slouching down in my seat.

“Aww sweetie, trust me we know how it feels, but it’ll get better soon. And you know your friends wouldn’t want you to lose a chance of becoming a star; no matter how painful it is to watch their best-friend go.” Liam says. ‘Why do you have to be so right? sometimes Liam. Gosh I just wanted a reason to be mad.

“Thanks Liam.” I cracked a smile, before giving him a hug.

“You’re welcome sweetie” He whispers in my ear; before I took my places.

“So where are we going anyways.”

“To meet Simon; you idiota.” Harry says; and the boys chuckled. “See what I did there; I know Spanish.” He says cheekily. I smacked him hard on the head.

“I know that, but where is it Punta?” I fired back; earning a ‘Ooh’ from the boys and a high five from Cher.

“At his house, I think.” He says coolly.

“Niall stop poking me.” I whined; right now he’s poking me in my cheeks and hips, I’m a very ticklish person; so my laughter is over the roof right now.

“Ha! Your laugh is so funny; you sound like a baby panda.” He says through his laugh. I shot him the finger; which just causes the boys and Cher to laugh more.

“For a fourteen year old, you’re a diva.” Harry says; my face fell dramatically.

“Excuse me, I ain’t no diva, I’m a rebel.” I say proudly. Yes I’m a rebel; I’ve been getting in trouble in school; this close to getting kicked out even.

“What’s the difference?” He says; shrugging his shoulders.

“The difference is a diva acts like a brat and a rebel is tough, stubborn and hard headed.” I yelled in his face.

“You spit when you talk.” He says; making me slouch down in my seat; burying my face onto Cher’s shoulder.

“Aww darling don’t mind that stupid idiot; he didn’t mean it.” Zayn says trying to cheer me up, but I refuse.”Come one pick your head up, so we can see your beautiful face.” He says, I smiled, but still didn’t pick my head up.

“You really are stubborn” I heard Cher says; followed by a laugh. I Nod into her shoulders.

“I’ll buy you ice cream.” Louis says in a baby voice. What the Fuck?

“What am I five?” I say; my head still buried in Cher’s shoulder.

“No; but I thought I’ll give it a shot.” He says; I can see him shrugging his shoulders from the corner of my eye.

“Well you thought wrong weirdo.” I Say a little laugh escaping my lips.

“Am not weird; I’m just simply crazy.” That right there made me crack up; causing me to lift my head.

“Ha! I did it.” Lou yelled. Crap! But I couldn’t help it; it was funny.

“Whatever Lou.” I reply; as our laughs quiet down.

“My ass is numb.” I say randomly; causing the boys; to stare at me weirdly.

“And you call me weird.” Lou says; rolling his eyes. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Real mature Casey.” Cher says; laughing lightly.

“Are we there yet?” I ask; seriously my ass feels numb.

“Actually we are.” I Heard Paul say; as soon as the door swung open; I push Zayn back to his seat before he could get out.

“Dang girl; you almost hurt me.” He says holding his chest.

“Almost? I was hoping I actually hurt you.” I say; my index finger pointed to my bottom lip; smirking lightly, while he slowly rolled his eyes.

“Okay, enough with your bickering guys, Simon’s waiting for us and we were already late” Liam sighs.

“Paul can I get a piggy back ride; my feet hurts.” I say adding a puppy dog face.

“Here, get on.” He says and I Squeal. Okay I’ve got to stop doing that lately.

“Hey, why don’t you ever give us a piggy back ride?” Niall whined; Paul just shrugs.

“I can never refuse a doggy dog face; there like hard to refuse.” He says as we began to walk towards the large mansion.

“Okay. Can I have a piggy back ride?” Niall ask pulling the puppy dog face. I laugh; aww he looks so cute.

“No!” Paul says and I began to crack up.

“But why? You just said you can’t refuse a puppy dog face?” He whined like a five year old. My laughter became louder; at the sight of his face.

“Let me rephrase my sentence. I can’t refuse a doggy dog face; when it comes to kids; because it’s just hard and you ain’t no kid anymore Niall; you’re Grown-“Paul couldn’t finish his sentence; because he began to crack up as well.

“Dang! He tried to get you Niall.” I say in between laughs.

“Correction I didn’t try; I did get him.” Paul says; and I gave him a high five; while Niall pouts all the way as we step into Simon’s office.

“You’re late.” Simons says as he fixes the buttons on his suite.

“It was my fault; I was saying goodbye to my friends; and I couldn’t let go.” I told him truthfully. He sighs.

“Oh; okay then; shall we get started?” He ask as Paul sets me down; giving me a chair to sit on.

“Thanks” I say quietly and he winked.


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