Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


6. Feelings

Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated for so long; The snow storm hasn't really been helping my case and i have a-lot of work for school; so it's kind of hard to update; but here is Chapter six and please tell me what you think and please share my story to your friends; Thank you so much Munchkins; I Love you :D


                                                    *Chapter Six

“Hey, Cece.” I say doing a little wave. Gosh I’ve missed my best-friends so much.

“Hey, Casey; what’s up… Anything you want to tell me…Well us?” Wait what?

“Yes; the rest of the girls are here; sleepover today.” She says doing a fist pump.

“Oh yeah, and what do you mean?” I say confused.

“You didn’t tell us; that you was dating Austin Freaking Mahone; see we always told you; you’ll look great with him” I think I blush. Stop blushing for Gosh sake.

“Technically were not dating; it’s for publicity; and for the last time; I don’t like him.” I say rolling my eyes; the boys came shortly after.

“Hello there loves.” He says waving at my friends. They began to scream once again.

The boys couldn’t contain their laughter; the girls quickly fix their self’s realizing what they’ve just done.

“Sorry.” They all mumbled. “So how’s London Casey?”

I was about to reply But- “It’s actually great, it rains a lot, it’s a very good place, they have Nandos-“

“I believe she said Casey; Not Niall” Whipping my chair around to face him; laughter faded in the background.

“Jeez Casey don’t be such a downer” He says ruffling my hair.

“Don’t ruffle my hair; you idiota.” I say smacking him in the back.

“So Casey when are we going to hear your first song?” Aaron asks; eating a sandwich.

“Uh, I’ve wrote a couple songs; but I don’t know when am going to record them yet; but trust me you girls are going to be the very first one to hear them.” I say to them and they high five each other.

“Hey! What about us?” Liam whines.

“Uh; you’re going to be the second person to hear it” I say, in a duh tone. They just rolled their eyes.

  The next few hours, we stayed all night just being weird with my friends; and the boys, I literally went to pee at least seven times; the boys were all making us laugh; they told us some weird stories, that made me laugh so hard.

“Okay; we have to go guys; I’ll talk to you later…” I say; waving a quick goodbye, before closing the laptop.

“Ughh; I’m so tired…” I say crashing on Zayn’s lap.

“Then go to sleep.” He says.

“No; I want to party.” I yelled; but came out as a whispered

He chuckled. “Go to sleep Casey now; Simon said you have a busy schedule tomorrow.” Liam yells; which surprise me.

“Wait what? I don’t want to have a schedule…Wait what’s my schedule for tomorrow?”

“Uh, he said you’ll be recording some of your songs, you have a photo shoot, your first interview and you and Austin have a date; well he’s going to be with you all day, before going to your date.” Ughh; I groaned.

“Uh, that’s too much work... I want to sleep all day and hang out with you bums” I yelled flinging my hand in the air.

“That’s show biz; kiddo, but hey we’ll have time to hang out with you; we’ve miss you lately.” Niall pitch’s in.

I smile up at them. “Group hug.” I yelled and they came crushing; I began to laugh and soon enough they all joined in.

“Who wants to watch a movie?” Louis Yelled; being the first one to get off me.

“Toy story.” Liam and I yelled at the same time…I looked at him and gave him a high five; the boys groaned.

“We’ve watched that so many times; why we can’t watch ‘Pitch Perfect’ or something.” Harry suggested.

“Ohhh I like that movie; maybe we should just watch toy story another time.” I say sadly; Liam nodded.

“Yes!  Pitch perfect here we go.” Zayn screamed; I jump on Liam’s back.

“Giddy up.” I yelled and he just laughed at me.

         “Omg; you’ve gotta love fat Amy.” I say laughing as I pop the popcorn in my mouth.

“Louis what’s your name?” I ask hoping he got the hint.

“Fat Amy.”

“You call yourself fat Amy?” I was full on laughing by now; so are the others.

“Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back.” That was it for all of us; we started to laugh our arses up; oh gosh, I can watch that movie all day; everyday (Hey) and it still wouldn’t get old. Our laughing was cut short; when I felt my phone; blaring out ‘Best Love Song’ By T-pain and Chris Brown.

“Hello” I picked up; not even looking at the caller; as I walk up to my room.

“Cass, it’s Austin; uh, I was wondering if you know that we were going to be hanging out a lot tomorrow.” Aww he cared. ‘Ewww Remember you hate him.’ My brain reminded me.

“Uh; yeah is that all?” I ask, sitting on my bed, crisps cross apple sauce. Sitting like this makes me want apple sauce, I wonder if there is any.

“Uh, actually I was wondering if I should come over there and hang out with you and the boys..” He asks nervously.

“Say yes.” Someone whisper making me jump a little.

“What the fuck Niall; you scared me; and how the hell did you get in here.” I yelled; not caring if Austin could hear me.

“First, don’t swear at me…” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, sweetie and second your door wasn’t closed.”

“Jerk…” I say; putting the phone in between my shoulders and ear. “Uh; Austin?’


“Yeah sure you can come…” Okay the words just flew right out of my mouth.

“Oh okay; we’ll be right over in 10 minutes.” He says; before hanging up. And wait what we?

“Did he just say we?” I Ask Niall; a little shocked.

“I believe so, Missy.” He says, pinching my nose.

“Niall do you think; he’s bringing a girl with him?’ Hold the fuck up! Did I just ask that? I look over a t Niall; who is as shock as me.

“I don’t know sweetie; but I hope not.” He says; sitting next to me. “Casey do you like him?” He asks cautiously.

“No…Maybe…Yes?” My feelings are so confusing. Ughh why?

“You have to sort out your feeling; if you keep pushing your true feelings away; you’ll never know how you feel.” Wow.

“I guess your right…And hey when did you become the ‘Love doctor’ I thought that was Zayn and Liam’s thing.” I say; he nudges me; and I started chuckling.

“Ha-ha very funny Casey; just get up, so you can go and wait for your prince charming.” He says; sprinting down the stairs.

“Niall; I’m going to fucking kill you.” I yelled; following him

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