Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


5. Date

                                              *Chapter Five*  


“Casey your boyfriend is here.” Niall’s says as he barges in my room.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I scolded; grabbing his turkey sand-which away from him.

“Hey!” I shrugged.

“Just hurry up, Liam and Zayn are scaring the poor lad, with loads of question” I smirked.

“Good; he deserves that.” I say; putting on my combat boots.

“You’re so mean; promise me to at least give him a chance?” He pleads. ‘Don’t fall for the puppy dog eyes’ I mentally repeated.

“Fine.” I groaned; He jumps excitedly, giving me a hug.

“Nialler, you can let go of me” I yelped.

“Okay, let’s go; lover boy is waiting for is princess” He teased, I smacked the back of his head; while he still laughing at me. We argued all the way to play room; to really find, Liam and Zayn question Austin, while Louis and Harry are dying of laughter.

“Okay, that’s enough, your scaring the poor boy.” I say grabbing Austin away from them.

“We were just asking him some question and his intention of-“

“Enough… can we just get on with the stupid date” I say to Austin. His expression; change from terrified to confuse.

“Uh yeah, sure” He stumble on his words.

“Bye guys” I say; giving them each hugs.

“Be safe.”

“Use protection” Louis yelled, making them crack up in laughter; I shot them a glare, but it didn’t help.

 We walked, down the street, silent fell upon us.

“So where are we going?” I ask breaking the silence; as we near closer to the car.

“You’ll see.” He replies cheekily. Ughh

“Look, am not going to play this game; either you tell me now or-“

“Or what?” He interrupted me; making me stops walking, as he stands in front, his eyes boring into mine. “Look I get you don’t like me, but could you stop acting like a brat for two minutes” He spitted. Pretty boy, got the nerves to talk.

“Oh you can talk?” I say; crossing my hands, he ran his hands through his hair; sighing a heavy breathes.

“Look, like I said before you obviously don’t like me-“He says and a smile began to form on his lips. What the hell is wrong with this dude? “But, Casey I’ll make you fall in-love with me” My face fell, is he actually serious? He must be joking right?

I got closer to him; making us a little inch apart. “And how are you going to do that Pretty boy?” I say through greeted teeth. He smile at me; obviously enjoying the closeness between us.

“I’m not going to do anything; just going to let nature take the course” He says; chuckling. What the hell does he mean by that? He started to walk inside the door; greeting someone, I followed moments after.

“Hello…” His body guard Dave says; as I took my seat. Yeah don’t ask me how I know, if I hate Austin!

“Hey” I say doing a little wave. He smiled up at me.

        The whole ride to… yeah the amusement park, Dave made small talk, trying to lighten the mood. As we stepped out of the car, the paparazzi were already there, taking pictures of me and Austin, as he held my hand, Dave helping us clear a path to walk. The feel of his hands sent shivers down my body, I don’t why but, It kind of felt good, but I still hate him. The whole ‘date’ consisted of Austin signing autographs and us pretending to be a ‘couple’.

“Okay guys am sorry, but I’ve got to get back to my beautiful girl-friend; I’ll see you all at later” He says, waving before turning to walk towards, me and Dave.

“You’re blushing” Austin says, as he got closer to us.

“I’m not.” I scoffed; trying to deny as best I could. I don’t understand why I’m blushing I hate this dude.

“Whatever you say…” He mumbles as we got inside the car. Home sweet Home; here I come.


                                                 ~10 Minutes Later~


“Ah! Your back; I thought he kidnapped you” Louis says, crushing me in a bear hug.

“I’m perfectly fine Lou…Well actually your hurting me” I choked out; he release his grip on me, but still held me close.

“Uh Lou…Could you umm, like let me go…Now?” I ask; he mumbles a sorry before letting me go.

  The boys came in; one by one, giving me hugs.”So how was your date, with lover boy?” Liam ask; chuckling. I gave him a glare.

“Stop calling him that, second it was okay, but I still hate him” I say coolly; they all stare at me with a blank expression.

“So then why do you have this teddy bear; that says ‘I love you’?” Harry asks. Of course, he’s got to be the one who asked that question; and I completely forgot I had it in my hand.

“He won it for me, and I didn’t want to be rude to him in-front of people and not take it…And plus no boy has never won anything for me” I mumble the last part.

“What was that love, I didn’t quite hear you?” Zayn says, cupping his hands over his ears.

“I said no boy as ever won anything for me before.” I say a little louder; but with a sign of sadness in my tone. They all look at me with sad eyes. Ughh I hate when people try to feel sorry for you; why did I even tell them that?

“Aww, I think Casey is falling in-love” Nialler sang; it took me all my will and power not to slap him across the face. But what he said did make me…Blush?

“I hate him! Leave me alone…” I say; clearly annoyed that they all joined in.

“Guys stop, she’s mad” I hear Liam say.

“Were sorry.” They mumbled. I just smile at them.

“So what did you guys do while I was gone?” I say; changing the subject.

“You don’t want to know.” Zayn’s says making me chuckled; soon they all joined in.

“Well I’m going up to my room; I’ve got to call my parents and Skype my friends.” I say getting off the couch, the teddy bear held close to my chest.

“Ohhh can we talk to your friends?” Lou asks, like a little five year old. Sometimes I wonder how girl-friend put’s up with him.

“Uh…” I say; and they look at me with pleading eyes.

“Stop doing that” I groaned. And they just stare at me blankly

“Stop doing what?” Harry says; wow for the first time, he didn’t have a smart comment to say.

“Looking at with those ‘Puppy eyes’” I say and they began to laugh; I soon joined.

“Come on; but please can we go?” Niall whined; jumping like a little kid. I nodded; before rushing upstairs; as they all yelled close behind me.

   I rush to my laptop; A call on ooVoo popped up; I smile, accepting the call.


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