Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


9. Austin Mahone

                                                                                      Austine Mahone



"Babe, come on, eat something." Austin whines, as he tries shoving the fries in my mouth.

"Come On, Casey; listen to pour Austin, were in a public restaurant , and people are starring." Liam says, I gave him a glare, clutching my stomach while scrunching my nose.

"I don't want to." I whine, back; as all the boys plead me...Eventually i gave up, and ate a small sandwich. "Are you guys happy now?" I grunted, they cheer, as Austin lean closer to me.

"Am happy if your happy..." He smiles, before kissing my cheeks lightly.

"Cheesy, but I like it..." I say, as we both laugh... "Boys what's on the agenda today?" Liam looks from his phone to me.

"Eh, nothing really, today we have a free day..." We all cheer, as we got a weird look from people.

"Am bored..." I whined.. A chorus of 'Me too' was passed around. "So what can we do for fun?"

"Uh, we could get back home, and watch a movie...?" Lou says, cheerfully.

"We always do that." His cheerful smile, turn to a sad smile. "You guys are getting boring for me now, I seriously need some girl-friends...I miss my Best-Friends." I sigh, the boys looked at me with sad eyes.

"It's okay, you'll see them soon..." I guess Zayn was right... "Hey we should start planning for your Birthday." He adds, making me smile wide.

"Yes, am turning freaking Fifteen, all you suckers can kiss my butt, oh yeah, yeah." I Sang, not caring if we were in a restaurant. The boys were laughing at me.

"Casey will your calm down were in a classy restaurant..." Liam says in between laughs, I sigh before slouching down in my chair.

"What will you like for us to get you?" Harry ask, and i squinted my eyes, as i think. 'Ding'

"Surprise me, I wonder who will get me the Best Present." I say, a smirk appearing on my lips, as I watch the boys, mumble 'I Am' "Wait , dudes will The girls be there?" I ask mainly Liam, Louis, and Zayn

"Yes, they say they can't wait to take you shopping." Lou says imitating The girls causing us to laugh. We cannot be classy anywhere. 

"I was going to take you out, before your big party..." Austin Whines, I place my hands on his cheeks, Kissing his lip lightly, but turn rough; my hands snake around his neck, as his snake around my waist, The sound of throat clearing, cause us to jump apart. "Sorry" Austin and I both mumble

"And Austin you can still come with us shopping, the girls really want to meet you..." I say, and he smiles at me, giving me a quick peck.

"Wait if Austin goes, can we go too? Please" The boys beg, Austin looked at me, and I smile at him.

"Yeah, sure...Good me and Niall can finish our game, while you ladies shop" Austin says winking at Niall, before giving him a High-Five..

        We spent the Next hour, chatting, playing and just going Crazy, Life is a pretty sweet thing right now, and I'm glad to be Living this life, God has really done it for me, given me a really good miracle and I'm blessed... Just as we were about to leave, a girly screeched, made us stop in our tracks.

"AUSTIN" The blonde screeched, throwing her arms around him, before placing a peck on his cheeks. Well that hurt. "Omg I've missed you so much, heard so much about you...." She rambled on, it's amazing how she acts like she didn't see me.

"It's good to see you too...I guess" Austin says, making the boys and I hold back our laugh.

"I guess? I haven't seen you in like...Forever" She squeals, twirling her hair. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Mindy...This is my Girl-friend Casey...Casey this is Mindy, an old friend..." He growls, making me chuckled.

"Hi and what's so funny?" She ask, and i just wanted to slap her.

"Hi and nothing..." I Growled at her, she rolls her eyes, i clench my fist, I think Austin notice my action, cause he planted a kiss on my lips, from the corner of my eye, I can see her scrunch her Nose...

"So Austin...I heard your throwing a Party, this Friday, I'll totes be there.." She flirted with Him...

"Okay, so The boys and I will just be leaving, it was nice meeting you..." I say, as i began to walk away, the boys right behind me.

"Casey, wait-" Austin began, but i caught him off...

"It's okay..." I gave him sympathy smile, he seem like he didn't want to be around the girl...I trusted him, but girls like are, I've dealt with for so long.

"No it's not, I cancel all my plans to spend time with you and the boys, and am not going to let her get in the way." I turn to the boys and they were in 'Lovey Dovey' mode.. I smile at Austin, my heart was racing, and when he kiss me, the sparks fly everywhere.. I'm falling for this boy, he let me go,walking towards her. "Am sorry Mindy, but I don't have time to talk anymore, I want to spend every-time with 'My Girl' "That got me smiley wide, as I rested my head on Louis chest. "So we'll probably see you at the party." He finish, leaving her dumbfounded, when he walk up to us he mumbled . "And I hope, i do my best to ignore you." He says and we all busted into laughter as we all headed Out.

"I Love you." Austin whisper to me, My eyes widen.. Yes am falling for him, but am not ready to say the words.

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