Discovered (One-Direction) On Hold*

Casey Jones is an Average American, Whose life turn upside down; with just one encounter with THE SIMON COWELL. Follow the journey of how she become an ordinary girl to a superstar.

(Other celebrities will be shown throughout the story)


1. Discovered

Authors Note: Hello There Movella's; Give Me some Feed-backs on My work and also the rest of my stories it would really motivate me to keep writing. Thank You and God Bless You.



                                                                            *Chapter One*


                     “Give It To Me.” I Heard Anthony Say; As I Lay My Head On My Desk.

“What Are You Talking About?” I Reply; Acting like I Don’t What He’s Talking About.

“Don’t Give Me That Bullshit; You Know What I’m talking about…Casey Jones, If You Don’t Give Me the Phone, I’ll Call Your Mother.” He Threaten. Ooh I’m Scared. I Slip The Phone In My Boots; My Head Still Facing Down. Since I Didn’t Listen He Stormed Out Of The Class Room.

“Casey, I Don’t Know Why You Couldn’t Have Just Given Him The Phone...” I Heard My Math Teacher Say. I Scolded, Picking Up My Phone From My Boots As He Continued With The Lesson.

    “Here She Is.” I heard Anthony Ruff Voice Say. I Rolled My Eyes. I Heard As Foot Shuffle, Before Feeling Someone Sit Next To Me.

“Hello There Love.” A Voice That Sound A lot Like a British Person.

“Hello…Stranger.” I Reply Coolly.

“I Can’t Talk To You If I Can’t See Your Face Darling...” The Voice Say Again Adding a Chuckle at the end.

I Was About To Reply...But Somebody Had Other Plans. “Casey Stop Sleeping and Pick up Your Head Now.” Anthony’s Voice Rang. Oh He Still Here?

“I Ain’t Sleeping...Am just simply resting my eyes.” I Reply Coolly. I Heard The Class Chuckle And Some Unfamiliar Voice. I Shrugged It Off.

“Oh. That’s a new one.” He Says I can practically see him rolling his eyes now.

“No, Not Really...”

“Love, Can You Please Pick Your Head Up?” The Familiar Called.

 “No Why Should I?” I Ask; Some Of My Class Mates Laughing Once More. I Heard Some Girly Giggles; Which I Try To Ignore.

“Will All You Bitches Stop Giggling Like Hyena?” I Yelled, Making The Class Laugh.

“Casey I Think You Might Really Need To Pick Your Head. Because...” My Best Friend Couldn’t Finish, She Started Screaming Which Made Me Curious.

   Then that’s All Hell Broke Loose; Girls Were Screaming and I Even Heard Some People Barging in Our Class Room. I Stayed Put My Head Still Down As I Try To Fall Asleep, Which Is Impossible.


I Heard The Bell; I Got My Stuff, Before Fleeing Down To My Next Class, Without Even Stopping To Look At The Chaos.

   “You’re late.” I Heard My English Teacher Say As I Walk Into The Classroom.

“Well Sorry, its Very Hard to Get off the Stairs, If You Have Of The Girls Screaming Some People’s Name And Saying Sign My Shirt.” I Gestured My Hand Copying The Girls On The Stairs; Before Rolling My Eyes.

“Casey Just Go Get A Late Pass.” She Ordered.

“What the Fuck? I Just Told You What Happen And You Still Want Me To Get A Fucking Late Pass. Are You Crazy?” I Practically Yelled; Everyone’s Attention On Me.

“Yes; Now Go To The Main Office And Get A Late Pass.” She Ordered Pointing Her Fingers To Right.

I Groaned Before Running To The Main Office.

“I need a fucking Late Pass.” I Scoffed

“Here You Go Casey.” Mary Handed Me A Piece Of Paper. “And Don’t Forget To Be Good Today.” She Yelled As I Began To Walk Away. I Turn Around To Face Her

“I Can’t Promise You That.” I Say Smiling; She Just Rolled Her Eyes, Which Made Me Chuckle.

  I Started To Walk Away; But Suddenly Stop As Soon As I Saw Who Was Standing A Few Inches Away From Me. I Ran Back To My Classroom Almost Falling; Panting As I Stand In The Hallway As I Manage To Speak.

“Am I Crazy Or Did I Just Saw Simon Cowell Talking To Mr. Anderson?” I Say Between Gasping For Air.

“Oh Now She Notice...” My Best Friend Yelled Flinging Her Arms Over Her Head; Making Me Confuse.

“Go Sit Down Casey; And Take Out Your Dear Book.” My Teacher Said; I Made A Face At Her, Before Proceeding To My Sit.

“What Are You Talking About Cece?” I Whisper as I Pretend To Read.  

“The Commotion That Was Happen Upstairs Was Because Of-“She Didn’t Finish; Because The Door Swung Open Revealing Anthony. I Scrunched My Nose Before Looking Down At My ‘Book’.

“She’s Over There.” I Heard Him Whisper... ‘I Wonder Who That Could Be.’ I Thought To Myself.

“Thanks.” The same voice from earlier call.

I look up slowly to find...Simon cowell in-front of me.

“Okay Is This a Joke or Something?” I Say Seriously; Shuffling My Arms.

He Chuckled; I Look At My Best-Friend Who Was Too Occupied By Simon. In-Fact All My Class Mates Were.

“No Darling.” He Gesture the Kid In-front of me to get up, but nicely, before taking the seat, facing me. “So I’ve Seen Your YouTube Video.” I raise an eyebrow. “Okay the boys and Cher saw your videos...” Wait What? “So when they show me, the video of you doing ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by Justin Bieber, at first I wasn’t buying it; but when I kept listening to the rest of your videos and even the once were you were being funny and rapping..” He started to laugh; causing everyone else to laugh. “I realized how unique and soulful your voice is...” When He said that I just wanted to break down and cry but I held back my tears as best as I could. “This is why I have talked to your parents...Which took a lot of work to convince them; especially your mom...” He says and I Busted out Laughing.

“Yeah, My Mom is a very protective and hard headed woman.” I Say shaking my head as my laugh died down. He laughs too.

“But after hours of talking; she agreed, so Casey Marie Jones; Get Your Stuff because you’re On Your Way to Becoming Famous.” He says smiling... My Eyes Widen. He Can’t Be Serious. Me a fourteen year old girl turning fifteen in less than two months, becoming famous. Yeah I’ve been pranked.

“Okay, you can’t be serious. Are you sure you’re real?” I ask cautiously hoping for a good answer.

He Laugh Once Again. “I’m Not Kidding, so after school I’ll have My Driver Come Pick You and The Boys Up. This is a big Opportunity don’t let it go to waste.” He replies, of course I’m going to say yes. But wait Boys? What Boys?

“Boy’s?”I Ask slowly; still shocked that ‘This’ Whole situation is happening.

“Yeah.One Direction is going to stay with you throughout your school period, they want to get to know more about you and your friends also get to experience High School… Oh and don’t worry Cher is going to keep you company.” He says simply. “Okay so I’ll see you at 3:30…Bye Casey” He replies before he was lead out the door by Mrs. Miller. I look over to Cece; her face was a mixture of a happy, shocked and sadness.

“Cece what’s wrong?” I ask her. Concern written all over my face.

“You’re going to be leaving.For a long time.” She whispers. Realization hitting me, I Hadn’t even thought about My Best-Friends, Family and Other Friends. I started to rub her back as she began to talk.

“I don’t want you to not live your dreams; you’ve talked about this since we were ten; but promise me one thing. Promise me you won’t forget me or Marie either and all of our other friends, when you get big and famous?” She ask

“I will never forget you guys, you guys mean a lot to me, and I’m hoping you guys don’t forget me.” I Whisper to her as we embrace in a hug.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” She whispers back; as we laugh a little to ourselves.




Yes it’s Lunch Time; and wasn’t there supposed to be One Direction and Cher following me? I Thought as I walked into the cafeteria. My question answered.

“There she is guys.” Lou yelled. Yes I’m a big fan of One Direction, but am not going to go crazy even though I’m doing it inside. He wrapped his arms around me picking me up as he spun me around, I can feel my brain going woozy.

“Lou put the poor girl down, she looks like she’s about to throw up.” The voice I recon to be Liam’s say. Lou did as he was told.

“Sorry” He mumbled. I just smiled; as the rest of the boys introduce themselves; pulling me into a hug, so did Cher.

“So where’s everyone; your friends.” As if right on cue, the lunch room started pouring with Ninth graders. I spotted my friends; a few girls already squealing as they spotted One Direction. I shook my head.

“Hey guys.” My friends say as they struggle to hold their screams. I laugh quietly to myself as they sat themselves.

“Hi There.” Niall beamed; making them do a little squeal.

I watch as they struggle to talk. I rolled my eyes.

“Excuse my friends, but this is Destiny, Cece, Aaron, Keera, Le-Ann, India, and Becca.” I reply as each girl was giving hugs.

“It’s nice to meet you girls.I’m Cher and these are One Direction.” She says, as she slaps away Harry Hand.

“We know who you are Cece.” She says adding a giggle at the end. Lord Help my Best-Friends.

“So tell me about yourself; ladies.” Zayn says; giving a wink. Making Most of the girls crazy. I hadn’t even notice how many people were watching us.which is pretty much the whole lunch room. Even the cafeteria ladies.

We began to tell the boys and Cher about us and well let’s just say that was the best lunch I had ever had. The boys were real funny and goofy; they even got me to do weird things in-front of everyone. They got us girls including Cher dying. Sadly our Time had to be over as lunch was over.

‘But aren’t they going to follow you around to your next class and the next one?’ My brain shot. Jeez I totally had forgotten about that.

“So where too?” Harry husky voice; ring out in my ears.

“History we go.” I Screamed as we said our goodbyes to the rest of our friends leaving me, Cece, Destiny, Becca , Cher and the boys. This should be a fun classroom.

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