A short story about an artist (Alejandro) and a well-to-do secretary (Melissa) falling in love. When secrets are uncovered, however, will they be able to work through them? Or will everything they have worked for fall apart? This is my piece for the contest inspired by "On Dublin Street", although it is about my OC's and inspired by the Lady Gaga song by the same title (pleasedon'thateme!). Let me know how it is, and enjoy! ^.^


2. Day Two: Morning


“So, do you have any plans for today?” I asked Melissa as we finally left the club, the time nearing four in the morning. I could tell it was the alcohol that had her so relaxed, but I wondered if she could do the same without help once she got to know me.

She glanced at her watch and giggled. “I work in four hours! Oh, I'm going to regret this later.”

I smiled, even though I understood her exact position right now. “I hope not. Here, tell you what. I'll get you sobered up for work, in exchange for...”

“Exchange for what?” she asked, wary of me for the moment. She was still sober enough to be serious, eyes guarded in an instant in reaction to my words.

I thought it over for a moment. “Well, asking you for your number after meeting in a bar isn't very respectable. How about dinner?”

Melissa nodded, relaxing again. “I can do that. Dinner sounds great.”

“After we get you ready for work,” I amended, laughing as she had trouble putting on her jacket. “Here, let me help.”

I took the jacket from her and eased it over her arms, well practiced in this art already. My hands rested on her shoulder out of habit, but she didn't stop me at first, either. This was nice. Even if it was only for a night, I had forgotten what it was like to be with someone all night and not get paid to listen to them.

She cleared her throat awkwardly, and I removed my hands, having lingered too long. “Anyway. How do you plan on making me presentable in four hours?”

“Mm, banana shake, shower, nap and then I'm magic with a makeup kit,” I listed, making her laugh at the end while her cheeks flushed even more vividly. “I promise, I'm not gay. I have sisters.”

“Sisters.” She nodded as though that excuse could explain everything. But her smile said she would take it, and she accepted my arm when I offered it to her.



“You met him at a bar?”

“Yes,” I admitted, not at all ashamed. Yet, of course. I was still flying high from the evening, going on and on. “I did mention that he walked me home and did my makeup?”

“Yes, you did, somewhere around the rather charming details you gave about him opening doors for you,” groaned Rachel boredly, then gave me a mischievous smile. “So, what about the dirty details? I already know the who and roughly the when, and we all know you need to get laid, we just don't know where or how.”

The smile she gave me turned too devious, and I glared her down, taking a sip of my tea. “You don't need to know anything other than how to explain the 'we' in your sentence.”

“Everyone in the office,” she replied offhandedly, refusing to back down from this. “But be honest—was he sexy?”

I rolled my eyes, but I knew that she saw the flushing of my cheeks. I sighed and nodded guiltily. “Yes, very. Six foot, best arms you've ever oggled, and Latino, complete with accent. Heavy enough to be sexy, light enough to be easily understood.”

“You're horrible!” she giggled, but I could see that she wanted to meet him. “And incredibly lucky. Does he have a twin brother, by any chance?”

“Oh, and I'm the naughty one,” I teased, all in good humor. Just then, my phone beeped, alerting the end of my lunch break. Rachel sighed as I stood up, straightened my skirt and finishing the last sip of tea. “Back to the office, then.”

“Really, Melissa, you lived a little last night, why can't you live a little now?” she asked, sounding genuinely hurt. “Be on time to your desk instead of early, for once.”

“See you tomorrow,” I said, and I left. She knew why I had to be on time. The same reason why I was meeting Alejandro for dinner tonight.

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