The Teen Survival Guide

Ever wondered what brb meant or why your best friend called herself a Barbie?
Well it's all here in the teen survival guide!


3. Nicknames of fan bases


 30 Seconds to Mars: The Echelon 311: The Excitable Ones or The Excitable Crew A (ACE): Hearties

 Adele: Daydreamers

The Beatles: Beatlemaniacs. One of the earliest. Beatlenuts for those who are really into the Beatles.

 Better Than Ezra: Ezralites

Beyoncé: Beyhives

The Birthday Massacre: Murder Tramps or Violet Prisoners

Black Eyed Peas: Peabodies Black, Berserkers, or the Doom Crew Parakeets for the younger ones.

Black Veil Brides: BVB Army, divided into "Bridesmaids" for females and "Ushers" for males.

Bloc Party: Marshall (if you liked the band before their first album) or Pioneer (if you liked them after they released it). This used to refer to their paid membership on their old website. Some even call themselves Weekenders after AWITC.

Bruno Mars: Hooligans

Cher Lloyd: Brats

Cheryl Cole: Soldiers

 Children of Bodom: The Children of Bodom Hate Crew (Commonly abbreviated to COBHC.) Chris Brown: Team Breezy

Cimorelli: The CimFam (shorthand for Cimorelli Family)

Demi Lovato: Lovatics

Disturbed: Disturbed1s (pronounced "Disturbed Ones") or Disturbed Brothers and Sisters.

Fall Out Boy: Overcast Kids, a reference to their paid fan club or Car Crash Hearts.

Jethro Tull: Tullaholics

Jessie J: Heartbeats

Jimmy Buffett: Parrotheads

Justin Bieber: Beliebers

Katy Perry: Katycats Kerli: Moon Children The Killers: Victims King Crimson: Crimheads KISS: KISS Army Kra: Krakkos

Lady Gaga: Little Monsters. Coined by Gaga herself in referene to the album The Fame Monster and her 2010 Monster Ball tour. And during The Fame, fans would refer to themselves as Gagarazzi.

Lareine: Fleurs

Led Zeppelin: Ledheads or Zepheads

Metallica: Metallibangers or Metallicats

Miranda Cosgrove: Cosgrovers

The Misfits: Fiends

MUCC: Muckers

Muse: Musers

My Chemical Romance: MCRmy or Killjoys

Nicki Minaj: Barbies

Oingo Boingo: Boingoloids

One Direction: Directioners (new or otherwise "unworthy" fans are often disparagingly called Directionaters)

Owl City: Hoot Owls

Pet Shop Boys: Petheads

Pixie Lott: Crazy Cats, often just 'Cats' or even 'Catties'. Her debut headlining concert tour was even called 'The Crazy Cat Tour'.

Phish: Phish Heads. Phans and Glides are also acceptable, although uncommon.

The Protomen: Protofans, 'Brotomen'(mostly on Tumblr), the Light Brigade. Razormaze: Slaves

Rihanna: Rihanna Navy

Rush: Rushaholics Taylor Swift: Swifties

They Might Be Giants: Giantheads.

Tokio Hotel: Aliens.

Tori Amos: Toriphiles or Ears With Feet. Tori Amos even made up the EWF name herself to refer to her fans.

Uriah Heep: Heepsters

Vanilla Ice: V.I.P’s

The White Stripes: Candy Cane Children

The Who: Wholigans

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