The Bradford Boy

Kelsey Steven is a 16 year old good girl. She has good grades and she is popular and plays sports. Zayn Malik has one small group of friends. And could care less about his grades. Will Kelsey fall for him? Or will she hope he falls in a hole? Read to find out!:)


3. Chapter 3

      He crawled through the window and sat down on my bed.

    "What did you need?" I asked him.

    "I wanted to see if you wanted to go somewhere tomorrow night?" he asked me.

     "Sure. Where are we going?' I asked him.

     "Where do you want to go?" he asked.

     "It doesn't matter. Where do you wanna go?" he asked me.

     "I don't care you wanna go?" I said.

     "Do you want to go the park or the movies?" he asked.

      "Uhm the movies if thats where you want to go," I said.

      "Okay. See you then,'' he said.

     "Okay. Bye,'' I smiled.

     "Bye. Goodnight Love,'' he smiled back.





These chapters are really really short now :( I'll try to start making them longer whenever I catch up with school :)

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