Little things about her

7 year old Kaitlyn is in the hospital from brain cancer and can die any day now. You see Caitlyn was in a fire her dad ha died looking for her and her older sister Katie. Caitlyn has burns everywhere. They wouldn't ever go away anyway Katie and there mom had mare it out and at first there dad did to but had to go look for Caitlyn. Celebrities from everywhere came to see or sponsor Caitlyn but later Niall horan and Caitlyn became close friends over the weeks and Caitlyn starts to worry that she won't see her sister in person before she dies? Will Caitlyn see her sister? Will niall become attached to Caitlyn and have a hard time moving on? In this movella love will happen and something worth fighting for. Find out in "Little things about her". *Please comment if I should continue if no one comments I won't continue thank you * xxxx Katie


2. Meeting

The first people I meant was one direction! Usually I would be so excited to see them but I was restless. I smiled a fake smile. And they introduced themselves." Hi Harry this is Niall ,Liam, Louis,and zayn" they all stared me down. "Hi I'm Caitlyn". I gave all of them a tiny wave. "Nialls first" announced Liam and winked at Niall. Odd. All the boys left except Niall. It was akward silence at first. "May I see your wrist" he nodded suspicsly and handed his wrist over. I put on a charm braclet and his first charm "hanging with her " and then u added a tiny picture of me. He smiled "thanks" I nodded. "Your welcome Niall". That's was the first bonding moment of our friendship starting.

Niall pov

Caitlyn was surprisingly awesome. At first when we walked in and she smiled you could tell it was fake and she was tensed up and then once the whole braclet thing she actually smiled and was herself I thought the idea was awesome. She was probably outgoing but not to me. She was shy but loveable and I liked her alot not the lovey dovey way thought like a little sister. She and I watched tv and then told me about her life and sister Katie even the fire as she didn't cry she was fearless. I told he about me. And then she wanted to sing to me and she did and was amazing like this girl had good vocals. And I started to cry because this sweet innocent girl is going to die in a few weeks. We were having so much fun until a figure popped in and was an older version of Caitlyn. She was gorgeous magnificent words I can't describe!!! Caitlyn freaked out she wasn't supposed to walk or run but she got up and ran to her but collapsed into her arms and didnt cry either. That's when Caitlyn blacked out and I was worried.

Caitlyn's pov

Niall and I had gotten to know each other well over the hours laughing and we watched tv I even Sang him one of the songs that Katie made up. I missed her Niall was actually trying to cheer me up thought and was until Katie walked in. I couldn't help myself I threw myself at her and didn't cry no tears came I just breathed in her scent and then memories came flooding back and I blacked out. *dont worry this isn't the end I just don't want to write anymore if people don't want me to please comment if you want me to if you do great I will continue any new ideas or changes* thank you guys xoxo Katie horan
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