Little things about her

7 year old Kaitlyn is in the hospital from brain cancer and can die any day now. You see Caitlyn was in a fire her dad ha died looking for her and her older sister Katie. Caitlyn has burns everywhere. They wouldn't ever go away anyway Katie and there mom had mare it out and at first there dad did to but had to go look for Caitlyn. Celebrities from everywhere came to see or sponsor Caitlyn but later Niall horan and Caitlyn became close friends over the weeks and Caitlyn starts to worry that she won't see her sister in person before she dies? Will Caitlyn see her sister? Will niall become attached to Caitlyn and have a hard time moving on? In this movella love will happen and something worth fighting for. Find out in "Little things about her". *Please comment if I should continue if no one comments I won't continue thank you * xxxx Katie


3. Authors note

Look people this movella may not be the best but I have it written out and I haven't gotten to the good part yet thank you for one person who favored it and please I you want me to continue I may just continue and I have a sequel to so please like favorite it and comment and oh one more thing who ever wants to be in my movella plz say ur name and what guy you want I know this movella is going to be seen by a editor and I wanted to be nice so what guy your first name or nickname (nothing crazy please) and if you want describe yourself I will let you people know who wins. Thank you!!!! Xoxo Katie
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