Little things about her

7 year old Kaitlyn is in the hospital from brain cancer and can die any day now. You see Caitlyn was in a fire her dad ha died looking for her and her older sister Katie. Caitlyn has burns everywhere. They wouldn't ever go away anyway Katie and there mom had mare it out and at first there dad did to but had to go look for Caitlyn. Celebrities from everywhere came to see or sponsor Caitlyn but later Niall horan and Caitlyn became close friends over the weeks and Caitlyn starts to worry that she won't see her sister in person before she dies? Will Caitlyn see her sister? Will niall become attached to Caitlyn and have a hard time moving on? In this movella love will happen and something worth fighting for. Find out in "Little things about her". *Please comment if I should continue if no one comments I won't continue thank you * xxxx Katie


1. The fire and hospital

Flames covered the house. It smelt of smoke burning and my skin felt as It was being torn off bit by bit. I cried out in pain but no one heard me. The last memory I remember is hearing "CAITYLN"!!!!! Then I blacked out.

When I awoke I was startled and beeping sounds surrounded me. I opened my eyes and pain struck me! The ceiling was white and I tilted my head debating if I should move my body. Majority rule I was going to try to move. I started slowly but moving my toes wiggling each one. Finally I got to the point where I was okay but still in pain. I heard the door opened. A doctor came in. "Your awake Caitlyn Shipman". He said reading off a clipboard. "Yes". I replied shocked by voice. "We'll are you ok how do you feel"? "Fine just a little tensed up and yea I want my sister". I complained I really did want her right here right now. She would comfort me soothe me and start to sing to me in a way u couldn't describe she was a miracle at singing. The doctor pushed me out of my thoughts. "We'll I will get your mother and let's see what see has to say its been 3 weeks now". He smiled and then gave me a tiny nod and walked out of the room. I got bored so started to see what day it was be doing mental math. 12....13.......14.....15 and continued it was April and my birthday was coming up soon. It was April 1 2013. My mom rushed in and hugged me as if she hasn't seen me like forever. "Can't.......breathe". She let go and kissed my forehead. "Your dad is ........". She trailed off and burst into tears. I comforted her and started to soothe her with a song and she calmed down and then reached for something and brought up a bag. "Here it's a bracelet craver". You may be wondering you get metal charm brackets alot and get to make designs on charms. "People are coming to visit you don't worry it will be ok", I nodded but she should worry about herself not me. She left the room while I overheard the doctor talking to my mom. He should really see someone about learning to talk softer or go farther away I couldn't help myself. "We are sorry but your daughter only had a few weeks left to live because th smoke got to her head and fire caused irrational damage were lucky she's alive now even thought the she can't feel anything". Sobs came and broke out I just continued working on charms and attaching them today I would spend time with one celebrity at a time and about a few hours in a day each so I continued working waiting for the time to approach
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