Kanashimi no

A girl and her brother have great times together until one tragic day


4. That Stupid jerk? so i thought

I thought he had changed, I thought he really liked me for me. I was completely wrong. How could he do this to me he was my first boyfriend and he just threw me away like a piece of poop. Who is this girl anyway, and why do i even care. The next day i walk to school and see Ricky with the girl diminishing in the distance. My curiosity of what they were doing and where they were going got the better of me. So as i was following them they go to a corner and as i walk there too they are standing right there and they ask me why i have been following them. I yelled I hate you Ricky and i hope you die i never want to see your face again. So i just run away, but as i was running away he looked kind of upset. The next day as i was walking to my locker i saw someone putting a note in but i couldnt really see the face of the person. When I opened my locker, i saw the note when i opened it, it said that "Ricky didnt do wat you think he did" , what the heck was that suppose to mean. As i was going to class, I saw Ricky talking to the girl and saying that he cant do this anymore and he doesnt care about what shes gonna do anymore. The girl said ill do it i really will and he said i dont care anymore i love you and i will never love your ugly @ss self and he ran off when he saw me at the corner of his eye. He ran up to me and kissed me and told me he was sorry, and that he didnt mean to hurt me in any way and he would never intend to. I believed him because of the note and everything that has happend. He was crying and he said he never meant to hurt me. I  was so happy i was speechless. That same day as we were walking down the hall together i notice that people were looking at us funny. Ricky told me not to pay attention but how couldnt i. They were "ja-makin-me crazy with there constant eyeballing.  AND THEN I HEARD .................................

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