Kanashimi no

A girl and her brother have great times together until one tragic day



i was at home one day. then my brother came home and he was acting kind of stiff like he didnt want to talk or anything. I went into the room after him. It was locked. I tried my hardest to  open it. When i finally got it open he wasnt there. The window was opened and there was a paper on the floor saying that my brother got accepted to the "Bengladashian University To Taiwan Tenesee. B.U.T.T. I didnt go to school that next couple of days only awaiting the arrrival of my brohan. He  never came. It has been a week and i just cant wait anymore. I turn on the television to keep me company when it says that a boy identified as sekai Kanashimi was found dead by a river of the east harbor. I ran there as fast as i could but the local authorities would not let me in. I kept yelling to them that that was my brother in there but they  wouldnt listen








more later

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