Kanashimi no

A girl and her brother have great times together until one tragic day


2. A twist

                               I woke up never knowing i fell asleep. I checked the time. Before I knew it two periods had passed. As i got up to go to the next period class. Ricky was standing there asking me if i was okay. I sat there looking all puzzled and saying in a ignoring tone why would you care. He then said i feel like its my fault this happend to you. Then my good side got the better of me and i said no it wasnt you you were just kind of  staring at me so i got nervous

                               Ricky then said he was sorry. Hejust thought that I was very pretty and he couldnt take his eyes off me. Then i said to myself now that i look at him he doesnt look very bad and he is actually rather smexy. Then he asked me if i wanted to date him, then before i could answer yes I found his lips on my lips and me enjoying it.

                              That day i went home.Then my brother looked like he was very anxious for some reason. He said he really needed to tell me something in private and asked me if i could go to the park with him. We got there and I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about. Then he said something that i thought was a joke and it was just unbeleiveable....

                              He asked me if i loved him more than a brother. He asked me if I loved him enough to be his girlfriend then he kissed me on the lips. I tried to forcefully push him away but i couldnt he was too strong. As i found myself able to run away I tripped on something that cut my foot too, and i found myself not able to walk. Thats when Sekai found me collapsed on the floor and carried me and took me home.

                              That night i told Sekai that i was dating someone. Then he got really furious with me for not telling him. I said i didnt have the chance after what you just did and my foot is killing me and thats what you think about uhh 

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