Kanashimi no

A girl and her brother have great times together until one tragic day


1. me and my bro

                              Setsuna's p.o.v. Ever since me( Setsuna) and my brother (Sekai) were kids we always spent alot of time together. We always had so much fun. We use to pull pranks on everyone, I couldnt tell anyone else secrets that i could tell him. He was my one and only lucky charm. We currently live together now under our parets roof. We do all sorts of activities together all the time

                               Me and Sekai go to the same high school Easton Malcom Intermediate School 9992. Luckily we both have the same classes together and tske all the same subjects. I dont think the teachers knew that we were siblings because they never seem to have brought it up. One day we were both in gym class playing dodge ball. Some jerk Rickey Sanchez came to gym looking all smug and acting all nonchalant, with his ugly-@#@ self.


                                 We all really started the game after he came because we have to wait for everyone to come in order to play,but his ugly self is always late. We started the game and he seemed to be looking at me during the whole game. He was getting me disgusted with his face so he through me off guard and I got hit in the head with a dodgeball really hard. It hurt so bad that I had to go to the nurse. The nurse said that it would probably be best if i stayed in the room and lie down for a little bit.


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