I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


22. Unexpected


I looked closer to the tree trunk, the darkening light from the sun hitting at the dark bark. There on the tree lay little carvings, all leading up to the tree branches. I read each one with a smile on my face,

'H&A' 'forever' 'the most beautiful girl in the world' 'mine' I laughed as i reached the top of the tree, amazement hitting me, the grin on my face spread through every feeling of me. On each tree branch hung a picture, attached to a piece of string. I could see pictures of me and Harry, me and the boys, me and my mum and just me. My heart fluttered at everything Harry had done, i pulled out my phone, taking a picture of the tree. As i stand there taking in the breathtaking token, i heard a strong voice, slowly singing.

'There will be blue birds, over the white cliffs of dover, tomorrow just you wait and see. There will be love and laughter and peace ever after,tomorrow when the world is free' Dame Vera Lynn's voice filled the beautiful park, i trotted towards where the music was coming from. As i came closer to the voice i saw the flickering of candles, all set out around a checkered picnic blanket, placed under a wicker basket. I let out a deep breathe as i saw a figure, coming towards me, a cheeky grin playing on his perfect face.

"You did all this for me?" I questioned, my head feeling dizzy from all of the overwhelming,thoughtful things,

"Of course, i can be pretty romantic when i really have to be" He stated, before slowly walking at me, holding out his hand, i take it, before he plants a soft kiss on it.

"Well this is probably the most romantic thing i have ever had done for me, its perfect" I cooed, before he led me to take blanket, i crossed my legs, grinning like an idiot.

"I didn't want it to be to luxurious, because that isn't you, your down to earth, giving, caring, beautiful and intelligant. All though you may have had an outstanding life, i know that all you want is to relax, take in the view and be with your friends, but i don't want us to be friends" my heart sank at his words, i turnt my face away, awaiting the dissapointment, he had got me here to let me down gently. I knew it.

"Don't turn your head away from me" he ordered softly " I don't want us to be friends, because that isn't enough, i want to be able to sleep next to you, comfort you when you get annoyed at the boys for messing up your home, laugh with you when you watch something on the TV, wipe away your tears when your heart breaks, kiss you when we make up from an arguement, love you beyond my last breath" I slowly lifted up my head, faced towards him, unaware of the tears that was streaming down my face,

"really? because i want to be the only girl that makes your heart beat out of your chest, the only one you see even if there are 100 people in a room. The one that you come to when you have had a bad day, the one that you want to spend every minute with, the one that you trust, the one that you love, i want to be your only one" I choked out, he placed his hand on my cheek, wiping the stray tear that lay upon it, he looked me in the eyes before whispering,

"You are never just my only one, you were always the one, in the past i was always looking for that missing thing, an older lady, an one night stand. But when i met you, i realised that that wasn't it, i was waiting for you" He began " Never in my life have i met someone who is so natural,unique,breathtaking and heartskipping as you, you didn't see me or the guys as members of a world famous band, you didn't treat us like we were different and you never treated me like i was what the magazines say. But you are different, because if you wasn't then how come i am falling in love with you, every second of each day" He breathed out as he said the last of his words, my heart fluttered,

"When i first heard about one direction, i loved you lot from the minute i first heard your voices, saw your faces. But not in the way your fans did, i always felt a deep connection, similar things. So that day when i walked out of the plane toilet to be greeted by Louis, i knew where i belonged. I have always felt odd, alone, but since the day i met all of you i have felt on top of the world. But since the day i layed eyes on you, i have no explanation to what i feel, my tummy flutters whenever i hear your name, my heart sings whenever i see you, my skin turns to goosebumps whenever you touch me and all that is because i have fallen, hard. I'm in love with you,Harry Styles" There i have got it out, made my feelings for him known and it feels amazing.

I watched him as he pulled me into his arms, not taking his eyes off of me. He slowly leaned in, not rushing the moment. He brushed his soft lips against mine, he pecked the corner of my mouth, until he got to the middle of my lips. He pressure of the kiss was so perfect, not to needing, not to wanting, but perfect.


I lay on my stomach on the picnic blanket, watching as harry went into the picnic basket for are food. I haven't stopped smiling since we both made are feelings clear, i can't help it. Never in my life have i felt this way, sure i had the primary school romance, the secondary school one too, but nothing that meant anything like this. I couldn't help but laugh as Harry pulled out the contents to are meal,

"So you bring me out to this beautiful park, you put my favourite music, turn a tree into a photo collage, leave me a trail of bread, but serve me a prawn cocktail, breadsticks,hummus and a cherryade?" I joked, his beautiful face turnt into a frown, i burst out laughing, but that was all over when i felt something hit my head, i looked to the ground to see a breadstick,broken in half,

"Harry Styles, are you trying to start a food fight,again?" I asked,

"No of course not my love, just that you and your sarcasm sometimes makes me mad" He winked, i gave him a huge grin before tucking into my prawn cocktail. After finishing are food harry suggested that we just talk, i agreed to this because as my motto goes 'talk now, mess later', we lay on the blanket, my head on Harrys chest, fingers twined together,

"Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you wasn't famous?" i questioned,

"Yes, i do as it happens. Sometimes the fame gets to you, not so much as in a big headed way,but more in a emotional way. I love what i do, its just that leaving people behind for months on end, not staying in one place for more then a few days is the hardest part" He admitted,

"I don't know what i am going to do when you leave in a few weeks, sure i will have Eleanor to keep me company every once in a while. But nothing compares to all of us being together, more me and you" As i spoke, Harry pulled my hand up to his mouth, pressing a gentle kiss on it,

"I'm going to miss you, my princess" He spoke softly, i blushed red at his choice of words,


We lay in the dark, candles surrounding us, checking my watch i checked the time which read, 21:24pm. Harry began cleaning up the stuff, making sure that are rubbish was packed away too. I stood up dusting myself off, waiting till everything was ready. A few minutes later Harry was ready, just as i was about to stride off he stopped me, i glanced up at his beautiful face, his green eyes sparkling,

"I have something for you, i did something terrible on are first day of meeting eachother. I read something that i wasn't meant to" He admitted, i scanned in my head for what he must of done when it hit me, my heart raced at his truthful self.

"You didn't?" I choked out, the tears in my eyes starting to slip down my face. My knees began to shake, my fingers clenched into my fists.

"I'm sorry, i didn't think much of it, but when i opened it i couldn't help but read it" He spoke with a tender voice, I turnt away from him, wiping the tears with the sleeve of my jacket,

"That was not yours to read Harry! That is my personal journal! Thats the one place i can admit my every feeling to!"I raged, he looked taken aback at my angry state of self,

"Why can't you admit them to me?" He snapped back, causing me to be sent into shock at his tone,

"Because i can't! because i'm not trusting enough to tell someone who has been in my life for just less then a month about my bad parts of life!" I shouted,

"YOU DON'T TRUST ME? YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME, BUT THAT WASN'T TRUE WAS IT? LOVE INCLUDES TRUST!" He shouted, the tears started to form even more, i watched as he paced his footsteps, his fists clenched,


"You know what, i thought you thought better of me. I thought you understood me, but your just a immature sixteen year old girl who just wants everyones attention! well guess what, your not getting it from me! i fucking love you, i loved you enough to buy you one thing, one thing that means more to you then anything in this world, have a nice life" He finished, before chucking something at me, i flinched as he stomped off, leaving me alone in the dark,

Why was he being so horrible? What had i done? I collapsed to the ground, my legs buckling underneath me. I lay there, shaking from the amount of adrenaline that came with the arguement. I felt around on the fresh grass, the only light coming from a few flickering tea lights. As my hand traced the ground i felt a soft object, i frowned as i picked it up.

It was a small velvet bag, unknown of which colour as the light wasn't strong enough to see. I opened it up, curious of the contents at which Harry had been so eager to give, as i poured it out onto my hands it all came back, it was the exact replaca of my mums locket, the one from the shop window. Tears filled my eyes again as a huge amount of emotion struck me, i pulled the locket to my lips, before kissing it, placing it in my hand i stood up, making my way back to my flat, the same question in mind,

What have i done?

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